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Sep 12, 2011 11:10 PM

Help.... food truck a request from an out of town guest

A friend is visiting from Indiana...and staying in Poway. He's salivating at the thought of the west coast food trucks. Any suggestions? Can travel...even hit up multiple places. Give me a clue dear chowhounds.

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  1. This site has the most comprehensive list of trucks (along with lunch hour locations):

    It's a good place to start.

    There are some well-written reviews (with photos) on this site:

    Miho Gastrotruck is among the first (if not the first) gourmet food trucks in San Diego. I still think they do an excellent job. With all of the trucks, I recommend you keep in mind that the food isn't cheap (food truck meals are the most expensive places I dine out for lunch, routinely $10-15). Also, bring some camping chairs so you can enjoy the meal outdoors under the sun.

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      I'm a fan of those gastrobits reviews myself... ;-)

      There's a truck gathering this Friday at 57 degrees wine bar: but you'll miss the best SD trucks (Devilicious, MiHo


      There's also usually a Tuesday weekly gathering hosted by Tabe BBQ at 3690 Murphy Canyon Rd (but again you'll be missing the best food trucks). I'm also not sure they'll have it this week, so you should check their twitter.

    2. Coming from Indiana your friend could probably use some good Mexican.

      Marisco's German Taco Trucks are parked in a few locations around MUST take him there. Probably the best seafood tacos you'll have. The Gobernador is particularly good.

      If you are looking in north county...Dave Du Jour is extremely good too. He does gourmet food items for a good price. I believe he used to be a chef in a high-end establishment before doing the truck gig.

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        I believe Dave closed over 6 months ago, but yes Mariscos German trucks are awesome.

        1. re: karaethon

          "but yes Mariscos German trucks are awesome"

          For laughs, cinsweetcin should get his Indiana friend to tell everybody upon his return about these awesome German tacos he had in San Diego. (there's a Berlin joke in here somewhere, but I'll wave it off as Honkman might not be getting a lot of sleep these days)

          Also, maybe cinsweetcin could take the friend to Hash House for an "authentic Indiana breakfast". [ducking]

          Mariscos German truck
          Cable St and Santa Monica Ave, San Diego, CA

          1. re: RB Hound

            We start to get more sleep now more recently. I wonder if the food truck trend also exists in Europe.

      2. Thank you Chowhounds...this was a great help!