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Teh Dorito Taco!?

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  1. The end of the world is near!

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      1. re: PotatoHouse

        It's a sign of branded marketing gone wild.

    1. The surprising thing for me is it wasn't thought of, sooner. Tortillas chips aren't limited in flavor any more on store shelves, so, this was almost a natural.
      It's an interesting gimmick. I wonder if it'll last longer than the inspired beer bottles where you can scratch your name on the bottle with your keys.

      1. It's like a snake eating its tail.

        1. Will I be voted off the island if I tell you all that I want to eat my body weight in those?

          I am powerless against the Dorito. It's a sickness.

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          1. re: Jelly71

            Oooh, I wonder if it comes in Cool Ranch as well as Nacho Cheese!

            1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

              And....you just killed it for me. I had a spectacular underage drinking incident years ago involving Cool Ranch Doritos and Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill wine. To this day, just the smell of Cool Ranch makes me queasy.

              1. re: Jelly71

                Love it! I had many incidents myself involving Boones Farm "wine". Thanks for the memory and the smile!

              2. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                Just heard on the news that Cool Ranch flavor will be out in the fall.

                Today is the best day in Culinary History, bar none.

            2. So apparently it's from back in April, it's Nacho Cheese flavor only, and it was test marketed in the Toledo market. Maybe someone in that area can tell us if it's still there and try some for us and report back... and send us some...

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              1. re: acgold7

                I'll be driving through Toledo shortly. I'll take that plunge, or at least see if they still have them.

                1. re: acgold7

                  I'm in the Philly area and heard that these will be available in our area Taco Bells soon, although you have to ask, it won't be listed on the menu.

                  1. re: jujuthomas

                    That sounds like a bad plan for test marketing a new product, especially here in Philly where there are so few Taco Bells.

                    1. re: Velvet Elvis

                      it may just be until they change the menu boards... dunno, it is what I heard on KYW one morning this week.

                      1. re: jujuthomas

                        I'm not doubting you. This is Taco Bell after all. They push out some mind-numbingly bad concepts on a regular basis, so a non-marketed potentially decent concept isn't all that surprising.

                2. So….. this press release means that the doritos taco is being re-introduced? (i haven't been to a TB in eons, but would make a trip for this baby, being a doritos crazee person). http://www.bangstyle.com/2012/02/taco...
                  """Taco Bell created a specific recipe almost identical to the original, but with a dough that wouldn’t crack when melded into a taco shape. Thanks to the handiwork of four factories specifically designed for the task, 60 million Doritos Locos will be shipped around the country on March 8. """

                  in the article, i was reminded of a SNL skit. i guess the skit was based on the product described here: ""Taco Bell is no stranger to pairing chips with its menu offerings; the chain recently reintroduced its Beef Crunchy Burrito which packs flamin’ hot burritos in between suspicious-looking meat and cheese squished inside a soft tortilla. """

                  TACO TOWN!!!!!!!!!! http://www.hulu.com/watch/1447/saturd...

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                    1. re: Ditdah

                      Oh. My. G-d. I HAVE to have this.
                      Seriously. Doritos and crappy tacos in one? They've read my mind completely. Now if they'd only serve if with a side of peanut M&M's I could have a huge college flashback.

                  1. I broke down and tried a Dorito Taco Supreme tonight.

                    Taco Bell created a specific recipe almost identical to the original, but with a dough that wouldn’t crack when melded into a taco shape.

                    Um...maybe when molded, bur certainly not when filled. The shell seems thinner than their regular shells and definitely thinner than real Doritos. It just shatters when you try to eat it. You really need the sleeve to eat this taco or it will all end up in your lap.

                    Having said that...it was pretty good. The shell did taste like a nacho cheese Dorito, and all the vegetables were fresh. The only reason I wouldn't buy it again is because of the thin shell.

                    1. Im not much into Taco Bell or crunchy taco's, however my so tried one over the weekend and enjoyed it.

                      On a side not, what are the chances a moderator can fix the title to this thread??? OCD

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                      1. re: joe777cool

                        "On a side not, what are the chances a moderator can fix the title to this thread??? OCD"

                        Anyone else find this sentence ironic ?

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                              In my defense, it was after midnight.....

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                                a very good clapton song, by the way. ;-).

                      2. I tried them tonight and they're pretty good. The only issue I have is that while I appreciate the technology it must have taken to actually print the logos directly on the shell (see photo in first reply), the shell itself is rather thick, chewy and carboardy tasting -- I can definitely taste the ink.

                        Think I'll stick to the regular ones from now on.

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                        1. re: acgold7

                          "The only issue I have is that while I appreciate the technology it must have taken to actually print the logos directly on the shell (see photo in first reply)...I can definitely taste the ink."

                          I certainly don't see that in any photo linked in this thread as the cardboard wrapper is obscuring the taco shell. If you take a look at this photo of the shell I don't see the logo anywhere on the shell itself. Do you? http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&am...

                          1. re: Servorg

                            Wait... cardboard wrapper? Wha....? I took off the tissue paper....

                            Oh, jeez...... I don't feel too well.....

                          2. re: acgold7

                            The OUTER shell is a wonderful source of roughage.

                          3. These definitely make me want to turn on, tune in, and run for the border.

                            1. It was good. The only issue was how delicate the shell was.

                              1. had one a few nights ago. not bad, but not the greatest. shell was very thin and broke apart with my second bite. did taste a little like a dorito, but not much.

                                3/5 for novelty factor.

                                1. I think we're gonna give one or two of these a whirl on our Easter trip.

                                  How widely are they available??


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                                  1. re: Davwud

                                    Finally tried them here in the Santa Monica / West LA area the other night. Pretty much a nothing experience in terms of the shell. I didn't find the shell to break apart too easily but the taste of the "dorito" component was so faint that it almost was non existent and the shell is sort of thick and just too "wooden" for my taste. I really wouldn't go out of my way to eat them again.

                                    1. re: Servorg

                                      I have no intention. However with the proliferation of TB I probably wouldn't have to either.


                                      1. re: Davwud

                                        My mistake was actually turning the steering wheel in a manner that made the car go into the driveway of their drive-thru. From that point it was one bad choice after another. ;-D>

                                        1. re: Davwud

                                          davwud, it seems like you have much better options available -- as seen on your neat blog!!!! and thanks for the sweet shout out on your profile here!

                                          1. re: alkapal

                                            It's all about balance Alk. Sometimes you have to eat crap to really appreciate something great. Otherwise perspective is lost.

                                            NP on the shout out. I was hoping we could happen by there again this summer but at this point it doesn't look doable.


                                    2. Okay, so I got to try one of these things.

                                      Not a big Dorito's punch but it was certainly there. Certainly better than their original taco but could be much better.
                                      The biggest hit of flavour came from the dust left on my lips after every bite.