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Sep 12, 2011 08:32 PM

Saigon Closed. Reopening "soon" - with new owners

If you didn't see it, Saigon posted this to Facebook yesterday afternoon:
"Many of you have been confused or might be upset with us over this recent closing. First of all we would like to announce that there will be new owner taking over soon. The foods will stay the same and you will still see some familiar faces here. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your patronage and that we have truly been blessed with the best of customers/friends!! With attorney and legal stuff going on with this transition we can only say so much!!"

You can read it here:

Cross your fingers that they reopen, and that the food stays the same - call me cynical, but I'm not optimistic, although one of their servers claims that the cooks and servers will be the same.

Saigon Restaurant & Bakery
704 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN 55104

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  1. Missed that. Shoot.

    I've got my fingers crossed, too.

    1. From what I hear the only thing changing is ownership. But I have heard that before. In the mean time at least we still have Trieu Chau.

      Trieu Chau Restaurant
      500 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN 55103

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      1. re: Fudist

        What does Trieu Chau excel at? Bun? Pho? Bahn Mi?

        Trieu Chau Restaurant
        500 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN 55103

        1. re: babaoriley7

          Pho, eggrolls, bun salads. Some people love their bahn mi, I'm not so into it (the meat has a particular smokiness to it that doesn't work for me).

      2. All the info I have is from FB too. I hope the food and service stays the same and the prices don't change, but even if prices go up a bit I'll still be a regular. Just maybe not AS regular.

        1. Well. Gosh durn and golly gee drat, this calls for language not acceptable on the chowhound board. Consider it said anyway.

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          1. re: clepro

            Went there for lunch today and everything is the same as it was; food and staff. As an aside, I was disappointed with the eggrolls (as I've always been.) Guess I'm spoiled by Quang Deli's, which are the best.

            1. re: SmartCookie

              Really glad to hear the same staff are there. The two guys who usually wait tables love to tease my daughter and she loves to get riled up.

              1. re: SmartCookie

                SO glad to hear it! Wasn't sure it was open and ended up at the wonderfully frightening deli at the Sun Foods at Dale and Uni. Got a ton of food of 5.99. Some great, some okay, some scary! BTW, they had lobster for 3.99 a lb. Each one was about $6 a piece - a steal. Was not able to buy one for this weekend, but I will be back.

            2. I wanted to go to Saigon yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon for a sandwich, but they were closed! (Didn't check the door as I was in a hurry.) I was in a panic, but I think it's just that their hours are more limited than before. According to a comment on their Facebook page, they're open Thurs-Sun, and are closed Mon, Tue, & Wed. Can anyone confirm this?

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              1. re: AnneInMpls

                Same here. Was just there the week before....Their facebook page is not clear. Under info it says Tues-Sat, on one of the posts, Thursday -Sunday and another Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sorry.

                By the way, ended up at Trieu Chau. GREAT PHO! Haven't tried their sandwiches, but will.

                Trieu Chau Restaurant
                500 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN 55103

                1. re: shanemio

                  Trieu Chau has great sandwiches, but they have a limited amount of bread. They usually run out in the early afternoon. I was heading there with my fingers crossed,, but then I saw the West Indies Soul food truck ...

                2. re: AnneInMpls

                  Tried to go on Saturday. Still closed. I have no idea what's happening here, but it's a sad story if they're going down.

                  On an odd side note, ran into three of the former owners at Brasa a couple weeks back and they expressed great optimism that the new owners were serious and well prepared to take over.

                  Who knows.



                  1. re: HuaGung

                    Not sweating this at all. Treu Chau has better Pho and Bahn Mi.