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Sep 12, 2011 07:12 PM

Thames Street Oyster Bar- been there?

No I haven't been but could not get over the review in the local paper. This sounds like the place that I have always wondered why it does not exist in Baltimore. Here we are euphoric over local produce and foodways and some restaurant actually thinks to serve a crabcake in the cast iron pan it was cooked in? A cast iron pan? How did that get into a restaurant? I don't think think I've heard of one of those in a restaurant since the departed fried chicken joint "The Spot" closed in Smoketown years ago. How great is that! Serving cucumber salad as a side? I thought only Jimmy's in Bridgeville Delaware had figured out that that was something special around here.

If only it's as good as homecooking can be.

I can only wish it is the rightfull heir to Richard Caton Woodville's "Politics in an Oyster House", Thompson's Seagirt House when it was a trolley park destination, maybe Hasslinger's, Connolly's, or Gabler's, or the long gone oyster place on Howard Street that I wonder if it was the inspiration for Mama's on the Half Shell.

I admit that I have only been to The Spot, Connolly's, Gabler's, and Mama's but I am looking forward to trying Thames Street and hope the execution of the idea equals the idea.

Has anyone been? What did you find?

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  1. I've been twice, once just for oysters and once for dinner. They have a nice selection of oysters, about 10 different kinds boths times I was there. Mostly East Coast. Good shucker, didn't get a shell in the bunch. I usually like my oysters without any condiments, but they have different types of mignonettes that are worth checking out. The second time a friend and I shared everything we got. Shrimp ceviche was very yummy, more orange juicey than your usual ceviche. The grilled mahi sandwich was very good, I liked the avocado on it especially. We also got the oyster po boy, which had the right bread and was very authentic. Sides were the cuke salad, excellent, and seasoned fries, also very good. We couldn't resist getting a side of grilled sweet onions with gorgonzola and that was a huge hit. Good beer and cocktail selection too. Highly recommend!

    1. I haven't been but am intrigued. And, while they don't serve crabcakes in an iron skillet, Schultz's on Old Eastern Avenue does have cucumber salad, homemade bread, and a fairly solid seafood line up. (And they have, straying from the MD theme a wee bit, really good gumbo.) While not quite as salty as the older city places, you might like what you find there.

      1. I have been, had Chincoteague oysters, braised clams with chorizo, roasted garlic mussels and a side of fingerling potatos. I would get all of it again except the potatos, they were cold and drowning in olive oil, not that good. I like the space and will definitately go back, I usually go to Mamas on the Half Shell for my seafood fix (which BTW has Cucumber Salad as a side) and will keep going but it's nice to have this as an option.

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          Thanks for the tip re Schultz's. I had crabs there years ago and enjoyed the place but do not think of going for other items. I look forward to trying Thames Street also.

        2. I had hoped to have a light lunch of soup and fried oysters but that thought was destroyed when I ordered some clam cakes to go with my RI Quahog chowder. I was told clam cakes were like hush puppies - yes they were. If there were any clams in there, I didn't notice. But I sure was stuffed after eating 3 of them. The chowder also didn't have much clam/quahog flavor. The oysters were nicely fried though (with a fairly basic breading).

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            There's a place in Baltimore to get clam cakes and chowder?? By RI quahog chowder, do you mean chowder with clear broth? Or do you mean white chowder with quahogs from RI?

            1. re: dracisk

              It's a non-cream based broth. I've only ever had RI chowder at the defunct Freddy's Lobster in Bethesda (and that was a long time ago) and this was similar.