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Sep 12, 2011 06:44 PM

Restaurant Week Question...special menus only?

We are visiting during the fall restaurant week and were hoping to do a special dinner on a Thursday night that falls during this week.

I know in our city the special dining week experiences can be somewhat disappointing when compared to a regular visit AND from what I have seen on this board, sounds like it may be the same in Seattle.

I had planned to do Staple & Fancy on Thursday and then visit Book Bindery on Friday. Unfortunately, when I called S & F they said they would just do the restaurant week menu and I really would only want to go there to do the "fancy" that I've been reading about so I think I will plan to go there Friday, but I still want to do something somewhat special Thursday as it will be our first night on our first trip to the city.

So anyway, there really is a question here...

Do most restaurants just do this menu on these nights or do some also offer their regular menus? I'd really like to get some reservations in place and I'm not finding any further info other than the dates and past participants. If you have any further thoughts on the whole restaurant week thing feel free to add.

Book Bindery
198 Nickerson Street, Seattle, WA 98109

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  1. In the past I've found that most restaurants do the Restaurant Week menu in addition to their regular menu. It is definitely a good idea to have a reservation in place for the more popular places.

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      Agreed. Some places might limit their offerings ever so slightly just to streamline production but still offer most or all of their regular menu in hopes that at least a few people will still want to pay full price.

    2. Most restaurants have their regular menu in addition--at S & F it is a little different, I would guess, because the fancy menu is so close to what the restaurant week menu is

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        thanks for the on to the planning...