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Sep 12, 2011 06:38 PM

Rosemary ham/Proscuitto

I'm searching for a rosemary ham/Proscuitto. I usually buy it when I visit my folks in Rochester NY at this great Italian deli. Any ideas on where I can find it around here? Thanks!

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  1. In Northern Virginia they have both at the Italian Store in Arlington. Don't know if you are looking for the DC or Balt area. I would also suspect A. Litteri might have it, but I am not positive, so I would call them first.

    Italian Store
    3123 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22201

    1. Calvert Woodley Wines & Spirits, 4339 Connecticut Avenue NW, carries both. Haven't tried their Proscuitto, but the Rosemary Ham is usually excellent, although v occasionally too fatty

      The Rosemary Ham is $9.99 a pound, and goes on sale at $7.99 every couple of weeks.

      1. You didn't specify location, so I'll tell you that Trinacria always has it in Baltimore and everything in there is reasonably priced. I'm going tomorrow, so I can report back.

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          Should have specified I'm looking for the DC area - although I do have a car, so can travel a little bit. Let me know what you find though - I can always use a good excuse to head to B-town.

        2. My husband stopped by A. Litteri which did not have any of the rosemary ham. Although a great find regardless - i've been searching for an italian market for 6 years! Has anyone tried their sandwiches?
          We found rosemary ham at Calvert Woodley, which was sort of a trek during rush hour traffic. Great store though - picked up rosemary ham, gruyere (for croque madam's this weekend) and a fabulous bottle of pinot noir. One of their saleswomen mentioned they have a big month long fall sale coming up, and it is the perfect time to stock up on their wines. Looking forward to filling the wine cabinent!

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            Glad you like Calvert Woodley. I should have mentioned the excellent cheese selection when I first posted.

            Re: Getting there. I use metro. It's less than half a block from the Van Ness/UDC station.

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              I'm content with the rosemary ham -- Citterio brand -- prepacked ham. Balducci's carries this.

              My normal activities take me near The Italian Gourmet in Vienna more often than near The Italian Store in Arlington. Both have reasonable prosciutto.

              Incidentally, where do you get your ham and prosciutto in Rochester? at the Italian store in the Public market?

              1. re: Indy 67

                My favorite italian store in Rochester is Palermo's - it's sort-of at the edge of Rochester and Irondequoit. Also - very delicious sandwiches - usually a first stop on visits home!

            2. I can find rosemary ham at Trader Joe's and Giant. Probably not the specialty product you are hoping for, but it really can be found at the local grocery.

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              1. re: Terrie H.

                I have found it at Costco off 202 in MD

                1. re: agarnett100

                  Ditto Trader Joe's...saw it this morning.