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Sep 12, 2011 05:11 PM

Sunday dinner for medium sized group, $40/person

We will be celebrating a special occasion (post-wedding) this Sunday evening with about 15 people.
We are looking for a dinner that will cost ~$40-50/person, including wine.

Already looked into Lucques but they cannot accommodate us until 8:30pm which is pretty late since people are working on Monday or leaving town.

Any location between Hollywood/West L.A. would be okay. Solid food. Nice atmosphere. Some $$ constraints, are the only requirements.

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  1. Eva. $39 a person for five courses including unlimited wine.

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    1. re: jsandler

      that sounds really great! are their sunday menus always like "comfort food"? noticed the most recent one with fried chicken.

      anything that might be slightly more upscale?

      1. re: veee

        Eva is upscale comfort. Homefood prepared really well. One sunday dinner had iceberg wedges with homemade green goddess dressing - and I could have eaten just that for dinner. For days. It was THAT good. And the wines are very well selected.

        Not as nice but still a good value is Dominicks on Beverly. Not as many choices - but the patio is lovely.

        1. re: happybaker

          Dominick's has a Sunday Supper set meal that is $15, too. This week's menu

          It's one of my favorite deals in town.

        2. re: veee

          whenever i've hosted a party of 10=15 people, any "set-menu" arrangement has always failed.\
          imho, you will be far better off going somewhere that will let everyone order off the regular menu, or, at least off of an abbreviated menu that still offers a number of choices..

          there usually is someone in the group who only eats:
          low fat
          south beach diet
          gout diet
          low cal
          or, or, or

          it is very hard to accommodate such people if they can't order off the regular menu.

          1. re: westsidegal

            this only dietary restriction is that one person in the group cannot have seafood and does not want mutton. :)

            we are open to non-set menu restaurants too though.

            1. re: veee

              still doesn't mean that everyone in the group will be HAPPY with fried chicken, or meat loaf, or grilled cheese, or whatever it is that the restaurant chooses to serve that day.

              just saying, that in my experience, these set menus work better for smaller groups where it is easier to get more homogeneity in food preferences. . . . . .

              unfortunately, my knowledge of the restaurants near Hollywood is non-existent, so i can't contribute much in the way of specific restaurant suggestions. the only restaurant that i will drive to in west hollywood is Angeli Caffe, which may not be formal/fancy enough for your purposes.

      2. Waterloo & City. Food is great, portions generous. As good as Lucques but less formal. And less on the pocketbook.

        Order a variety of dishes, share it and you'll end up with a 10 course meal.

        1. If your ok with Mexican, consider Case Sanchez, a fun and festive restaurant which can accommodate large groups. Very professionally family run - live music and dancing. We went there last Sunday and had a great time. Well within your budget.

          1. Davino in Brentwood (Sunset and Barrington Court) is the perfect spot. Wonderful Italian with a nice wine list. They have a small balcony with a table that should accomodate your group. The owner, Goran, is extremely gracious and I am sure if you call ahead, will help you make it a perfect experience. This is one of the true gems in town.

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            1. re: BSW6490

              Sorry to disagree with BSW6490. Divino (which is the correct spelling), has a nice owner, host, but IMHO awful food. The small balcony is more like an afterthough / annex.

              11714 Barrington Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90049

              1. re: maudies5

                I think we'll go to Eva! Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

                1. re: veee

                  YUM. we ended up at Eva yesterday, with our group of 12 for their prix fixe.

                  we started out with caesar salad. then braised chicken with carrot puree, then short ribs with horseradish, zucchini, potato puree, and apple crisp.

                  the chicken was quite possibly the best chicken i have ever had. cooked perfectly. tender, juicy. and the dessert was stellar as well. in fact, everything was good but the chicken really stood out.

                  they appeared to run out of white wine pretty early on and started serving a rose, which i thought was weird, but other than that, it was a PERFECT setting for a post-wedding celebration with immediate family. thanks for all the help!!

                  1. re: veee

                    Thanks Vee for the report. Did you like the Rose? It goes well with Chicken? I am in the Wine Business and thought it was a good move as a sub for their lack of white.. Just curious?? I love Rose..

                    1. re: Foodandwine

                      actually i didn't have any wine because i had a little too much at the wedding reception the day before. :) but my sister's mother-in-law refused to drink the rose, instead of white... at least one person said the rose was good... i just think they should have offered a different white if they ran out of the original white.

                      also, i found out that they charged an arm and a leg for the coffee/tea service after dinner... which is NOT included. not tasteful, IMHO.

                      1. re: veee

                        So sorry to hear about the coffee snafu. But I've got to say, most "nice" restaurants charge at least $5 for coffee after dinner. Not that I like it, it's just how it is.

                        Was it more per person than that?

                        1. re: happybaker

                          my experience mirrors that of happybaker:
                          coffee service always seems to cost about $5/pp in a nice restaurant.
                          if the restaurant serves cappuccino, it can be higher than that.

                          also, i've rarely seen it included in fixed price dinners.

                    2. re: veee

                      So glad you liked it!

                      I think their Sunday Supper is an almost perfect combination of food, quality and price. (I have high taste and low pockets, lol).

                      (And I love a good dry rose. A good swap and hope it worked for you all.)