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Sep 12, 2011 04:23 PM

good lunch spot within walking distance of Basilica

I grew up in Philly and will be there in a few weeks (RW will be over) for a service at the Cathedral,
mid-week, mid-day. Friend and I will both be hungry for lunch afterwards. He is not an adventurous
eater; I do not eat red meat but eat everything else and really want good quality fresh food. I live in NYC and like Union Square Cafe for lunch, so something like that (if you are familiar with it). Suggestions?

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  1. As long as you are not in a big hurry, Table 31 is a decent upscale lunch spot near there. The Swann Cafe at the Four Seasons is always excellent as well. I think the menus at either place will be pleasing to both of you.

    1. +1 on the Swann Cafe at the Four Seasons, perfect location, good food and great service all with in the shadow of the Basilica.

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        Thanks to both respondents; am staying at FS, so considered that, but wanted to hear some other choices. We did Matyson last time, it was fine but I checked out their current lunch menu & I don't think my friend is going to like it; I'd like something more straightforward at lunch too.

      2. Kae Mae- one other thought it Davio's on 17th St.

        1. Le castagne at 19th and Chestnit is very good, and their house specials are delicious and consistently good deals. If it's nice and you enjoy a stroll, Rittenhouse Square has many many options, but if your like Union Square Cafe, you may enjoy Le Castagne.

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            Thanks for letting me know they are there (I am Italian-American, aware of the Sena's long history, etc)... but truly that lunch menu is heavy on the meat, the cream sauce, the whole nine yards. I think Swann would probably be best in this instance. [BTW -- despite its pasta offerings, I really think of Union Square Cafe (where I have dined a gezillion times) as a restaurant that serves good American food. When my friend visited a long time ago, he had their BLT for lunch. I had the yellowfin tunaburger. ] But thanks.