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Sep 12, 2011 03:55 PM

Lunch Spot around 6th and Market

Have to head to 6th and Market tomorrow and doubt I'll have much time for lunch. Still, figure maybe there's someplace I can have a quick fix of good grub, either sit-down or on the go. Suggestions? Any ethnic is always a plus!

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  1. Nothing right at 6th & Market- there are stands in the Bourse on 5th, but it will be usual food court stuff. If you walk to 7th & Chestnut, there is Delicatesin, Aqua (malaysian), Chiffa, Jones. None may be fast, but all are good.

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      I think Delicatessen is a good bet. You can sit down or get it to go and it's always been pretty quick when I've been there. You could always call ahead and order a sandwich:

    2. You'll definitely find something tasty at Fork: etc., 308 Market St.

      1. Probably not close enough but if you can stop on the way somehow, Maru Global at 10th & Locust has lots of interesting Japanese snacks for takeout or a quick bite inside. Definitely try the Maru Balls.

        Otherwise the Bourse may be your best bet. There is supposed to be a good taco place in there; the Mexican consulate has offices in the building.

        The food carts around there should be ok too.

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          I think your best bet is to walk up to Chinatown.

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            I haven't been there lately but El Fuego (around 7th and Chestnut) has always had good burritos and they are fast.

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              Thanks for all the suggestions. It was such a beautiful day, I decided to grab a falafel sandwich off of a nearby truck and wander around Independence Mall. There was a line there so figured it might be good. Was just okay. Tomorrow, I'll head to one of these. Delicatessen sounds particularly good.

        2. Based on this thread, I had lunch at Delicatessen today. All I can say is YUM. My Monte Cristo was an amazing combo of challah french toast, turkey/corned beef/swiss, and scrambled eggs. (Whodathunk that maple syrup is the perfect accompaniment to scrambled eggs??) The side latkes and chunky applesauce were delicious as well. The staff was very friendly too. I'll be going back...