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Sep 12, 2011 02:14 PM

Mexican Cooking

I'm new to cooking. I started with BBQing, moved on to the wok (I'm still new to this) and want to move on to Mexican food. I have limited experience cooking on the stove.

What sort of cookware do I need to make the best Mexican food? This is my main question.

I enjoyed the process of studying which wok to buy and hearing the reasoning behind it. Any tips as to which cookware is the best for Mexican and why, would be greatly appreciated.

I'm less interested in recipes at this point, but if someone wants to throw out a simple recipe for me to start with, it would be much appreciated.

Any random tips are welcome, including books or blogs. I'm a big reader.


El Bandito

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  1. One book to try might be The Tortilla Book by Diana Kennedy.

    1. Bandito, You can make almost anything with a good and sturdy set of basic cookware - saute pan, sauce pan, stock pot, Dutch oven, fry pan. I cook all kinds of food - East Asian, Southeast Asian, Mexican and other Latin, French, Italian, Indian - and have for many years with very few pieces of special equipment.

      Which of those basic pieces you should use depends on the recipe. What do you think you'd like to learn to cook first? :)

      1. Ceramic cookware is probably to be preferred for a lot of it, but a bit of an investment for a beginner. Mexican food doesn't really run to a lot of exotic processses, you should be fine with good quality, regular cookware. If the kind of stuff you are interested in are the more familiar dishes like tacos and enchiladas, you won't have to search far in these pages for numerous conflicting recipes and opinions. If you want to delve deeper, and for a great read, Diana Kennedy's "The Cuisines of Mexico" is pretty much the standard. For historical perspective, and some good basic recipes, you might try do dig up a copy of Elena Zelayeta's 1944 book "Elena's Famous Mexican and Spanish Recipes", or her "Secrets of Mexican Cooking" (I think she had one or two more, too). Rick Bayless seems to be the current fave; I'm not familiar with his books. And best of luck.

        1. I don't have any special cookware for when I cook Mexican food, though I know some people might recommend an olla for beans. If you get advanced, you might want to invest in a tortilla press, but I find little difficulty working with just a standard saute pan, Dutch oven, a food processor and a mortar and pestle.

          1. What kind of cookware? Anything cheap! Traditionally they used various clay pots, even clay griddles, but now inexpensive steel works for griddles, and almost anything for stews (enameled steel and aluminum are quite popular and inexpensive).