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Sep 12, 2011 01:10 PM

Winnipeg-Peasant Cookery, Mise, & where to go now that Alycia's is gone?

We're headed to Winnipeg tomorrow, and I've amassed a rather large list of "to eats" and "to dos" based on past board posts.

Recognizing that restaurants change, I was hoping for some up-to-date assistance in making restaurant choices; I am also gearing this dish towards places that either have a history in Winnipeg/Manitoban food, as well as places that use local products in their offerings.

Blufish Sushi-near our hotel, sounds reasonably decent for a lunch
Bistro Dansk-dinner
Choice between Infernos' Bistro or Peasant Cookery (seem similar in terms of bistro cuisine, but I could be wrong!)
Choice between Baked Expectations, BDI, and Eva's Gelato (travelling with a dessert hater, so I imagine I'll only be able to get sweets in once!)
Where to go for Ukrainian "soul food" now that Alycia's is closed?

We're good with bakeries, market stalls, and greasy spoons, as well as with finer dining-it's more about the experience and uniqueness of the meal!

222 Osborne St, Winnipeg, MB R3L, CA

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  1. I'm also able to probably fit in one "traditional" european meal, and knowing that these are quite different, am trying to choose between Gasthaus Gutenburger and Bistro Dansk!
    Anyone been to the Thursday lunch buffet at the Gasthaus?

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      I've been to the lunch buffet at Gasthaus. It's a very good deal, especially if you're a big eater. I thought most of the food was well-prepared, especially given that it's a buffet. Some of the options are similar to what Bistro Dansk offers (schnitzel, for example).

      I think the buffet lunch at Gasthaus is probably a better value than Bistro Dansk, and you'll have more options to try. I liked their perogies, too, and I vaguely remember having some nice sausages, too. Having said that, I would still drop by Bistro Dansk to get a slice (or two!) of hazelnut pie to go. You can take out almost anything there, and I'm sure they'd let you just get a slice of pie, too.

      For Ukrainian, I recently went to Jessie's Kitchen. It's in a very odd location (on a street off Henderson; we just happened upon it because we were lost. It's located in the basement of an apartment building, and you have to ring down to get in). I thought most of the food was kind of flavourless (the cabbage rolls were mushy, too), but the perogies were tender and the dough nice and thin. Quite nice. Too bad the filling didn't have much flavour.

      I haven't been to Luda's Deli, yet, but that's another option for you.

      For your other decisions--I probably wouldn't choose either peasant cookery or inferno's. I may sound like a broken record, but Deseo or Segovia, while not bistro food (though I would not consider Inferno's to be a bistro, either), are the best bets in terms of food. Again, ymmv.

      Baked, BDI, and Eva's are all so different. I would leave it up to whichever I'm closest to at the moment, or whichever I have the greatest craving for. At Eva's I really only love the hazelnut, halvah, and peanut butter flavours (some are seasonal, so I don't know if they'd have any of those now). I don't really like anything at BDI, but that's because I don't like the quality of their ice cream (ymmv, of course). And some things at Baked are good, some are just OK. I'd rather have Bistro Dansk's hazelnut pie compared to anything at Baked, but I love nuts. It's just a matter of personal taste.

    2. thats horrible news.that place was so convenient to get my borsch while visiting my aunt a couple doors