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Sep 12, 2011 12:49 PM

Andale Taqueria y Mercado

If there is something that you should be able to find in Richfield, it's good Mexican food! I've now got someplace new to eat and I'm loving it. Someone opened a restaurant / grocery in the old Embers at 494 and Nicollet. I've been there twice now and really enjoy the food. I've had the burrito, the side tacos, and now the La Cubana - a trashcan torta with breaded steak, sliced hot dogs, scrambled eggs, chorizo, oaxaca cheese (I think), peppers, guacomole, and probably ten other things that I forgot. Everything has been quite good and very filling. It's slightly pricey most menu items will run you $7-9 but its all authentic and made fresh to order. They have side tacos that you can order for $2 each if I remember correctly.

The attached grocery/deli/butcher/bakery has lots of traditional Mexican foods and you can buy just about any of the restaurant ingredients in store. I'm definitely going back for more but will have to avoid repeated encounters with the La Cubana if I want to keep in shape!

Andale Taqueria y Mercado
7700 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55423

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  1. Agreed! I've gone about a half-dozen times now and I'm very pleased, especially since the source of the best torta in Minnesota (Olmeca in Burnsville) has now fallen victim to the wrecking ball. The "Cubana" torta is indeed a monster and it is very good.

    One thing worth mentioning is that the wait between ordering and eating is on the slow side. I don't care personally, but it's slow enough that it might matter to some people.

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      Have you tried Taqueria Hildalgo in Burnsvile for their torta? Pretty legit sandwich.

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        Not only do I disagree I would go so far to say Hidalgo is so poorly executed in every way that you're better off at Subway next door.

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          Are you sure you aren't thinking of Taqueria La Hacienda at 13 and 5?

          I've been in Taqueria Hidalgo (off Nicollet in the strip mall with Caribou, Subway, the closed TCF) a few times and it has never been good. I stopped going since Taqueria La Hacienda and, even better but now closed, Tacolmeca/Supermercado Olmeca are/were both very good. Easily, the best torta in the Twin Cities (in my opinion) was at Tacolmeca.

          Anyway, there would be worse things than trying it again, I suppose.

          Taqueria La Hacienda
          334 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

          Taqueria Hidalgo
          12609 Nicollet Ave, Burnsville, MN 55337

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            I'm not ... But I wonder if it's what I order. I always without exception go with the steak milanesa. Its my favorite.

            I'm with you guys that Olmeca was the best. You got the biggest sandwich with the most flavor at the best price. However, the quality was starting to slip before it closed. The last few times I ate there, I got rotten avocado a couple times and old lettuce as well. Thats when I gave Hildalgo a shot. They made a nice steak sandwich. It was fried perfectly and still was soft enough to tear apart. It had solid flavor. All the toppings were fresh. It was about the same price as Olmeca. It wasn't as large a sandwich, but I felt like they loaded up on the toppings to make up for it. I've had it 7 or 8 times and never been disappointed.

            Now I can't speak for their other other tortas. They may not be as good, and based off the posts here, I'm thinking probably not.

            I found La Hacienda to be OK. More expensive and smaller sandwich. It's good but not enough to justify the higher price.

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              Db, I had similar issues at Olmeca. We got spoiled meat there twice and finally gave up on them, despite wanting it to work.

      2. Here's a link to a picture I took of the menu board (scroll to see it all):

        It's definitely a good place to go and I loved the variety on their menu compared to other similar joints around town. One commenter on the review on my website said that their goat options will be limited to the weekends only. Boo.

        1. This sounds pretty good. Attached market it kind of reminds me of Don Yan for Korean food. I'm gonna try Taqueria y Mercado next time I'm out that way.

          1. We finally went tonight for dinner, and I am going to say YUM! Best carne asada taco I've had in Minneapolis. The meat is perfectly seasoned and cooked. My only complaint was a couple of bites of gristle so hard it actually hurt my (sensitive) teeth.

            As a bonus, I found my coveted El Milagro corn tortillas in the attached store. Downside: $1.50 a package (I think the store by my parent's house in the Chicago burbs sells them 3 packs for $1.00). I will still bring them home by the hundreds from Chicago, but it's good to know they have them in a pinch.

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              What a great find, about the tortillas!


            2. anyone know the hours here, specifically Saturday?

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