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ISO Ketchup flavored Lay's potato chips

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Any leads in SoCal?

Thanks in advance.

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    Dippy Intern

    Sadly, those are a Canada only item. Maybe the management at Canadian Cafe could import some for you.

    1. I've never seen any ketchup chips around here, I love them. About the best you can do is order some from the internet.

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        So sad ... it's like buying prescription drugs ... import them from Canada via the internet. Sigh.

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          I finally found ketchup chips at my local Wal-Mart! They are by 'Herr's' and they are great. I won't have to bother all my relatives coming from London to bring me ketchup chips anymore. I will still be asking them to bring me the best chocolates. American chocolates SUCK big time!

        2. I do see them from time to time at the 99-Cent Only store on Wilshire near Fairfax.

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            Thank you a thousand times over for the heads up.

          2. I bought some ketchup flavored chips from Island Pacific Market. They were pretty good.. and cheap. They weren't Lays, though. I assume it was a brand from the Philippines as the market is a filipino grocery.

            1. A Kosher market on the corner of Fulton and Burbank carries them on a regular basis. My kids love them.

              1. At Gelson's I found "Earthquake" flavored potato chips from the California chip company! They are GOOD! Not as hot/spicy as the label would have you believe, kinda mild actually, try some!

                1. As this thread is now three years old, I am wondering if there has been any progress on Ketchup Flavored potato chips in our area? Do the places listed still carry them? I've checked Wal*Mart and the 99 Cent Only store and have had no luck. I do occasionally see "Burger King French Fries with Ketchup" Chips at Dollar Tree, but they're not really the same (but indeed, the closest I have found in this region).

                  I had to laugh though while at Wal*Mart: Hot Sauce Flavor, Lime (?), Onion, BBQ -- everything under the sun you could possibly think of (or wish not to), but still no ketchup.

                  Are we *really* that backward that we like ketchup on our French Fries (potatoes) but not on our "potato" chips? Apparently the chip manufacturers think we Americans are!

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                    Haven't seen any, I love Ketchup chips! Its so sad!

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                      Oddly enough I found something fairly close this evening (no sooner than I posted my message!). I was in Big Lot's and they have something called "Jonny Rapp's Ketchup Baked Fries." They are actually pretty good too. They are a hybrid of a corn chip and a potato chip (and very similar to Andy Capp's Baked Fries). The important thing is the ketchup flavor is very good. Not too strong -- just enough. I actually prefer these to the Burger King ones.

                      These will be a nice substitute, but still, nothing beats the original ones that are just made from potato chips. ;)

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                      Over the holidays, I spied some at my local Albertsons in the SGV. Not Lay's but some other brand that I didn't recall right off hand.

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                        Cost Plus World Market sells ketchup chips, but they aren't the Lay's brand. Can't remember the name off-hand but I bought them a few months ago to try -- not my thing.

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                          Herr's makes Ketchup flavored potato chips that have been favorably reviewed on Chowhound, they are available online for about $3 a 6 ounce bag including the shipping. Lays sells Ketchup chips in Canada, if you have any friends up their who'd ship you a case.

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                            I've ordered Herr's ketchup chips from their website before and they're good. Best part is they have all sorts of interesting flavors(some taste better than others) and you can mix and match yourself a case.

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                              Another good one if you are going to order are Humpty Dumpty

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                                I saw some Herr's Ketchup Fries in the snack aisle at K-mart the other day.

                                1. re: jackattack

                                  I finally got to Kmart and bought a bag. VERY good! Still "Fries" and not "chips" but they do use Heinz ketchup flavor which *really* makes these quite good.

                                  Thanks for the tip! This is definitely a good find!

                              2. re: jillso

                                I have seen them somewhat regularly at Kosher markets. Try the Santa Monica Kosher Market on Santa Monica Blvd. near Colby in West L.A. There are a Kosher Market on Pico near Beverly Drive.

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                                  I actually live in SGV, so I guess I'll have to make the jaunt over to the West LA area to get my fix!

                                  I checked Albertson's -- no go. I also checked Cost Plus World Market and they carry "Ketchup Fries" similar to the ones I got at Big Lots -- so I'll stick with those until I get over to West LA.

                                  I wonder if Seth Rogen gets his there too:


                                  (they are mentioned at 1:55 and again at 4:11.


                                  "For some reason America thinks potato and ketchup is a weird combination for a potato chip."

                                  Yep, Seth, and it makes no sense!

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                                    charles chips used to carry the very best ketcup potato chips in the springtime

                            2. No lays ketchup flavored chip. however, the Tomato- ranch flavored Flat Earth chip is pretty darn good.

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                                  It's good to know they can be ordered from the web. Once we're out of this nasty recession, I'll probably be ordering those.

                                  For now, $1.99 a bag at Kmart with no shipping charge is the way to go for me. ;)

                                2. Not exactly Ketchup... but Samosa House in Mar Vista has Lays Spanish Tomato chips...