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Sep 12, 2011 11:55 AM

Do you peel towards or away?

I have always used vegetable peelers away from me, but I've noticed most cooking show folks go towards themselves with them. I find towards awkward, but that's probably due to my years of going away.

Wondering which technique is actually more common.

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  1. I peel carrots away, and apples towards me. It seems the easiest way to me.

    1. Both. I truly do not believe there's a right or wrong way. I use a traditional peeler and have never gotten used to the "vertical" type which dictates you peel towards. A traditional "horizontal" peeler allows me to go both ways.

      1. Let's see... Potatoes and apples toward and/or around as if I were using a paring knife and carrots mostly away. But I always feel more in control of it when it's toward.

        1. Toward offers the greatest control, so I usually use it for more difficult things with thicker skins, such as apples. Away is fastest, so I use it for easy, thin-skinned vegetables such as carrots and potatoes.

          1. For some odd reason I peel potatoes faster with a paring knife than a peeler but when I do use the peeler for carrots I do it away from me.