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Sep 12, 2011 11:29 AM

Road Trip from Western NC to Denver: quick, good eats in Nashville?

Next week, I will be moving, by myself, with my car packed up, from western NC to Denver, CO. I'm staying with some friends in Lake Ozark, MO, so I will be making the trip in two, 12 hour legs. Nashville seems like its about halfway through the first leg of the trip, so I thought it might be cool to find a good, cheap (barbeque maybe?) place to eat and rest up a bit. Also, any other thoughts or suggestions that are on my route are welcome. Suggestions for the second leg, from MO to CO, would be great because that part seems to be a little more wide open. I'm open to any help, suggestions, or recommendations!

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  1. With your car packed and a deadline, let me recommend The Sunset Family Restaurant in Lebanon TN. It's about a mile north of the interstate and is a nice, homey place with food that really tastes good.
    They have a large enough selection that you will easily find something you like.

    Your second 12 hour leg is going to be harder. It's a long haul and the wide open spaces really are as empty as the maps show them to be. I've made similar drives alone...maybe eight times, varying the routes somewhat. I tend to eat lunch where I see the most pickup trucks.