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Sep 12, 2011 10:55 AM

South Mountain Creamery

Finally stopped in there a couple weeks ago and loaded up a cooler with milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, eggs, and some meats. Everything was good. Not screaming crazy, best I've every had, but good, and I do like the idea of supporting a small scale effort like this.

Just noted on their website that they're now delivering in Anne Arundel County and I'm considering it, but it kind of begs the long will it be an old fashioned small scale dairy business?

Anyone get home delivery?

Happy with it?

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  1. I have been doing home delivery with SMC for over a year now. They are great. We just do milk, cream and eggs. It is all delicious. And their delivery system and billing are very simple, as is canceling an order if we are on vacation. I highly recommend.

    1. Do they still have milkshakes there? Have had several in late summer after hiking the AT and they were excellent.

      1. I'm not sure. They did have an ice cream counter with about a dozen varieties. The wife got a small cone that was very good, but I don't recall the flavor. I had a hard time avoiding the chocolate milk.

        The retail shop is on the small side, but they certainly pack a lot in there. We got hamburger patties, jalapeno cheddar dogs, and a lb of salami. All were a solid cut above standard grocery store offerings.

        I can imagine this would be a heavenly destination coming off the AT.

        1. I'm in Montgomery County. We've been happy South Mountain Creamery customers for a few years now.

          The milk, half-and-half, apple cider, and eggs are wonderful. In fact, I won't buy milk, cider, or cream anywhere else (except Trickling Springs). I'm not thrilled with their Colby cheese; it's pretty bland. But that's the nature of Colby, too.

          The delivery service is extremely reliable. The only time they've missed is when our extremely steep and long driveway is iced over or still snow-covered.

          Give 'em a try -- you won't be sorry!

          1. I have been getting delivery in Fairfax County for quite some time. I started with just half and half (I love its freshness). But expanded to cider - really good. And their cheeses (not made at South Mountain - but excellent). Yogurt, bacon (oh the bacon!) and many of the meats. I pretty much worked through their catalog. Heavy cream is an amazingly decadent holiday treat!

            I got their turkey last year for Thanksgiving. Much better than supermarket!

            If you are a buttermilk fan, be careful. You can not go back to the supermarket variety. To me, the buttermilk is their most amazing item.

            Service is wonderful!

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            1. re: MarietteB

              oh my... the buttermilk. I could not agree more - it makes me wonder why exactly the supermarket varieties are so different. The buttermilk is the perfect excuse for biscuits, pancakes, fried chicken....
              Also, the egg nog around the holidays is very good. I'll have to try the cider and bacon!

              1. re: erinnf

                I used to get home delivery from another company that went out of business, but I loved it. I'd been toying with contacting South Mountain Creamery since I've seen their trucks in my area and I've been to their place a few times. Well, the buttermilk comments above pushed me over the edge!! Just signed up for home delivery yesterday, and yes, included buttermilk in my order! Thanks folks!

              2. re: MarietteB

                I 'm assuming the heavy cream is NOT ultrapasteurized like most of the supermarket stuff?
                Not usually a buttermilk fan, except for cooking, but I may have to try theirs.

                1. re: ferventfoodie

                  The heavy cream is not ultra-pasteurized - I don't think they do that to any product. Their cream is really decadent - but will spoil. I indulge in it over the holidays. Last year, I made the old "refrigerator cake" with it and it was the best desert I'd had in a long time!

                  I love all their dairy products.