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Food on a Stick

Kebobs. En Brochette. Satays. Everyone seems to love grilled food on sticks. I'm planning an end of summer bbq and would love to know, "whats your favorite?"

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  1. K-Bobs.......and marshmallows can be fun when they flame up.... :)

    1. skewered grilled mackerels are a speciality in Munich during Oktoberfest. look to south east Asian or Taiwanese street food for inspiration. tofu skewers, blood cake skewers, whole squid skewers, intestine skewers... use your imagination... the Taiwanese have already thought of it.

      my favourite are the lowly chicken wings threaded on 2 skewers for easy turning, young small potatoes. (and souvlaki of course!)

      1. Lamb kebabs, with onion, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. My second wife's dad was Armenian, and was in charge of the kebabs for the local Armenian society's annual festival, and was good enough to share the secret for avoiding either underdone meat or overdone vegetables: cube the lamb and then marinate it overnight in olive oil, some salt, and lemon juice. This essentially cooks the meat, so all the fire needs to do is get it hot through and sizzley on the surface. And then you slide each kebab off the skewer and onto a plate of pilaf. Yowzah! (Which is not an Armenian expression, to the best of my knowledge.)

        1. The Japanese have perfected the art of the light grilling recipe, but being a glutton, I cannot get enough of Filipino barbecued pork. The kind that is cured in a combination of soy sauce and 7-Up which produces magical caramelization on the grill. It is a largely undiscovered culinary delight, although the food blogs in NYC seem to have caught on with some of the nicer purveyors of Filipino BBQ (the same acronym works for their banana 'cue with jackfruit). If you want to go more conventional, the secret to terrific Middle Eastern kebabs is pomegranate molasses. It adds a really bright element without the floral notes of citrus so that you're not just eating meat. The marinade is a combination of olive oil, grated onion and garlic with cumin, coriander, allspice, cinnamon nutmeg, mace, white pepper, clove, cardamom, ground ginger, Aleppo pepper, sumac and/or thyme, mint or parsley. Spear cubes of marinated alternating with vegetables and grilling cheese (such as Halloumi) and occasionally baste while on the grill, inhaling the warm, delicious scents. During final baste, sprinkle with sesame seeds and mint. Serve with whipped garlic toum.

          One ought not to forget that fruit kebabs are also a great use of a grill, particularly with a bourbon-based sauce.

          There are also cold foods on toothpicks out there. I love pickled shrimp, not to mention bands of grilled shrimp with warm morcilla sausage and roasted red peppersauce.

            1. Grilled pineapple, mango, eggplant, mushrooms and onions with a soy-ginger-lime glaze.

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              1. with the LA fair going on right now, it'd be fun to try and attempt batter deep fried Snickers Darks

                1. Hey, a friend of ours made meatloaf on a stick..a little out there, but certainly good for starting conversation.

                  1. Chicken-prosciutto-bread-rosemary: Cut up chunks of chicken breast and chunks of hearty bread. Maybe 1" cubes or a little bigger -- chicken will be irregular, which is fine. Each piece of bread should have some crust, so a batard shape is good (pugliese works for me, I prefer something denser than baguette). Wrap the chicken chunks with strips of prosciutto, like bands around the middle, overlapping some so it sticks but no need to go 2 times around.

                    Skewer the chicken (pierce through the prosciutto) alternately with chunks of bread (pierce through the crust), and wedge sprigs of rosemary in between as you go (2" pieces or a bit smaller). Brush with garlicky or plain olive oil. Grill, turning often, over moderate heat so the bread doesn't burn before the chicken is cooked through. Sooo good.

                    1. While I've never made it - I was at a festival recently where they were serving what I think was marketed as potato chips on a stick. They were SO COOL looking. It is essentially a spiral cut whole potato threaded onto a stick. They were popular too.

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                          I've had these. Didn't know that was the name but it could be a local thing. You need someone to share it with, it is very filling.

                      1. Thai chicken satay. I like it, DW loves it.

                        1. Meat on a rotating spit. Shawarma. Al pastor. Gyros. Döner kebab.

                          That roadside shop in Puerto Rico where they guy roasted whole chickens on a giant spit.

                          1. I love Chicken Yakitori - traditional Japanese style!

                            1. Everything sounds so good, I wish it wasn't dark already so I could make something on a stick. Maybe tomorrow.

                              1. I like to eat bratwursts and hot dogs on a skewer- whole, not cut up, skewered lengthwise. I like to have a bunch of condiments to dunk the end in. And I don't have to mess with a bun.

                                1. Filling station corndawgs.

                                  1. Nem nuong aka vietnamese meatballs. Or if using the sugarcane as a stick then shrimp paste wrapped around the sugarcane which is grilled or broiled. yum!