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Sep 12, 2011 10:08 AM

Yak and Yeti -- Somerville Nepali grubz

I had some very good delivery from Yak and Yeti last night. Not a lot of chatter here on the board about this place so I thought I should add to the knowledge base.

Bhedako tarkari (lamb stew)**
Aloo tikki (potato croquettes)
Aoo tamma ko jhol (potato and bamboo shoots)
Pork kothe (fried pork momos)

** Lamb, potatoes with bamboo shoots, dal and rice were part of a set meal. The others were add ons.

The food was very very good, surprisingly mildly spiced, with a very soupy texture in most dishes. I don't know much about Nepali food (paging Prav) but I gather this soupy loose curry / stew is the way it's done?

There was a also a green sauce to have with the momo's (excellent) and a chili paste plus a mango chutney of sorts. The paratha was great, oily in a good way, charred in spots. My favorite might have been Aloo tikki ... who doesn't like a hot fresh potato croquette?

I think there is more to explore here. Has anyone else been? What have been your faves?

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  1. Having a hard time uploading pictures today for some reason, here are just a few.

    1. Here's the spread.... and the innards of the momo's.

      1. This is not Prav, but when we were in Nepal a few years ago, we found the food hearty, delicious, but not spicy in a typically Asian/subcontinent way. Of course, the dishes could have been dumbed down for us Westerners!

        The soupy curries were also typical of the dishes we had - we ate really well in Nepal! I can't find my post about Nepal - I could have sworn I posted. Hopefully, Prav will chime in with more insight - haven't seen him in some time on the board.

        (Ironically, we were in Ball Sq just yesterday, visiting Ball Sq Liquors and admiring "Pub's" new signage. I wondered aloud to B about Yak and Yeti - thanks for the prompting to go visit.)

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          diggs! I would say it's definitely worth a look ... the food was very good, the momo's in particular. And the aloo tikka would rock your veggie world.

          There is a bamboo shoot with potato dish that is funky in a good way.

          The papadums were surprisingly some of my favorites around. Very lentilly.

          In fact, email me and we can go together and then go over to "Pub" for a nightcap.

        2. We were excited when we heard it was opening up in our neighborhood. The service there was kind of poor. The first time we wrote it off to them being crowded. The second time just to clueless front of the house. Which included our dissatisfaction with one of the appetizers and instead of asking us what was wrong with it, just kept the 90% uneaten dish in front of us for the whole meal. If the rest of the food was great, I would have let it slide. Instead, we just choose to go elsewhere.

          Our experience was that the food was not mildly spiced (this was in the first 3 months of it being opened). Perhaps they learned that medium did not mean hot or extra hot.

          1. Also, there was a thread about the restaurant when it opened in 2010: