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Sep 12, 2011 09:57 AM


expecting a visit from a friend who uses a cane staying at the inn at the market - she has expressed an interest in banh mi (does anyone need me to explain that they're vietnamese sandwiches?). other than baugette box (whose uphill location may preclude its suitability) i would appreciate advice on some walkable locations; used to be 2 places in the market but they disappeared in the recent renovations - thanks!

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  1. The two Vietnamese restaurants closest to Market that come to mind are Long Provincial (2nd and Stewart) and Thoa's (1st and Union across from the Four Seasons entrance). You might check with them to see if either one do bahn mi.

    Some other ideas:

    Fusion on the Run (food truck) does bahn mi that are huge and tasty but not super traditional. The truck is at 2nd and Pine on Tuesdays.

    Bobachine in the Westlake Park plaza (next to See's candies) has some premade ones. I like the tofu and the chicken sandwiches for a quick lunch. They will toast them for you, if you want and I like their bubble tea.

    Pho Bac (attached to the Grayhound station) at 8th and Stewart.

    Four Seasons
    820 Griffin Ave, Enumclaw, WA 98022

    400 Pine St Ste 358, Seattle, WA 98101

    1. There's a new place in Rainier Square - where Crepe de Paris used to be - called Origins. I haven't tried it yet but see banh mi on the menu. Spendy though, $4.25 each.

      1. The cafe at 3rd and Cherry. I think they're calling it Mimosa Cafe now has a very tasty banh mi. They oddly straddle american southern (gumbo) and asian (congee and banh mi). But I've enjoyed what I've eaten there.

        1. If you can manage the bus system, I'd walk to third and pine, get on the #7 south and head up to the Saigon Deli on 12th and Jackson. Might be a fun trip.

          Saigon Deli
          1237 S Jackson St Ste E, Seattle, WA 98144