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Sep 12, 2011 09:53 AM

Trying to find a rare local beer

Hi DC chowhounders!

I'm a NY chowhounder visiting until tomorrow and I have a problem I'm hoping the DC board might be able to help with. I read that one of my favorite local breweries, Flying Dog, has released a new beer, called the Secret Stash Harvest Ale, and theyre only releasing it in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas.

I would love to get some to take back to NY with me, but I have tried going to a bunch of local stores and I can't find it. Has anyone seen this beer on shelves in the DC metro area?

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  1. Take a run up to the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick and visit their taproom. If they can't sell it to you directly, they'll tell you where it's sold. Every bar and liquor store in Frederick carries their products.

    1. I would give the Perfect Pour in Columbia a call. Assuming you're driving home, this is a perfect stop right off of 95.

      1. Not sure if this helps but the brewery released a press release on the 7th saying that "Secret Stash will be hitting shelves in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC in mid-September." Not exactly sure what mid-September means but it could be that its not quite out yet. Might try calling up some of the better beer shops to see if they have seen or anticipate seeing it. Rick's in Alexandria or Norms in Vienna might be able to answer some of your questions. Of course, checking with the brewery in Frederick as flavmeistr notes is probably the best source.

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          Right I should have specified that I don't have a car and I'm taking the train back, not driving. Ok I'll give those places in Alexandria and Vienna a call thanks!

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            I just got word from a contact at Flying Dog that the release parties for it are on 9/20 unfortunately. Lures in Crownsville, MD is holding one but thats hardly useful information for you. Ill ask him when bottles will hit the stores.

            1. re: Insidious Rex

              Thanks for all the help everyone! I'm going back tonight so I guess I won't be able to get any. Hopefully some will eventually make it up to NYC or I'll have some friends here hold on to some for me.