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Help! Need Restaurant in Florence for Large Group--Moderately Priced

camelina65 Sep 12, 2011 09:14 AM

Hello everyone, I'm in search of a restaurant in Florence to host my wedding rehearsal dinner on a Wednesday night. We'll be a group of 20-25 people, no children, 3-5 vegetarians. We're looking to spend no more than 50 euros per person for everything including wine, before tax and tip. We know it's not a lot of money, so we're not looking for anything too fancy--a trattoria or even a really great pizzeria would be fine (our planners suggested Via Vai) if that's all we can afford. Our biggest concern is that the food taste good and that the servers aren't rude to all our non-Italian speaking guests. Also--we'll all be sans transportation, so it must be within the city center or in the Oltrarno, close to the river bank. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

  1. minchilli Sep 13, 2011 11:18 PM

    What about Il Santo Bevitore? It's central and the large front room will be perfect. Very rustic, charming setting. Not too expensive.
    Another option is Cipolla Rossa. Ask for the back room.
    A different kind of place, more enoteca feeling, and the least expensive of this group, is Antica Mescita di San Niccolo. Just slightly more of a walk, but still only about 10 minutes walk from Ponte Vecchio. In this case I'd ask for the downstairs room, which used to be a chapel. It's very cool.
    In all of these restaurants set the menu before hand, making sure to mention that there will be 4-5 people who are vegetarians. That shouldn't be a problem at all, but you don't want to have everyone eating vegetarian, right?
    Have a great time!

    Il Santo Bevitore
    Via Santa Spirito 64r, Florence, Tuscany 50125, IT

    Cipolla Rossa
    Via de' Conti,53, Florence, Toscana 50123, IT

    1. jen kalb Sep 12, 2011 09:41 AM

      reviews are not too positive on Via Vai (use Google translate)

      Seems like either a trattoria which can close except for your group or a restaurant with a private room would be the ticket. There must be quite a number of decent places that would serve a fixed menu to a group for 50E pp - hopefully some locals will respond.

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      1. re: jen kalb
        CJT Sep 13, 2011 07:52 PM

        Explore Antico Fattore. They have 2 dining rooms and might be willing to provide you a whole room for your party. It's right next to the Uffizi and just off the Piazza della Signoria. Another thought it to try Teatro del Sale where a group that large should not be a problem. You woudn't have to worry about servers, as there are none - meal is self-serve from a copious communal table and includes wine, waters, tea, coffee. Not right in center, but a short electric bus ride from there.

        Teatro del Sale
        Via Dei Macci, 111/R, Florence, Tuscany 50122, IT

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