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Sep 12, 2011 07:37 AM

Fresh, whole crab

I am looking for a place to purchase fresh, whole crab that I can steam or create a wonderful crab boil. Can crab be shipped fresh or does the sender have to cook it first before sending it along? All suggestions are welcomed!!

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  1. Most Oriental markets carry live Blue crabs or can get them for you and are usually very reasonable. Live Blue crabs are very common in Asian cookery.
    There are company's in Maryland that sell and ship live but this method gets very expensive.
    Where are you located? for specific recommendations.

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      Hi chefstu - I live in the Natick area.

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        Sorry, but I'm not familiar with the Natick area, but I would expect any Oriental market in the Boston area would have them.

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        1. You can also try catching it yourself. Pretty easy to catch a good amount of blue crab with a few nets and some chicken.
          All along the CT/RI shore docks and piers you can fish right off of. No permits needed, just need your catch to be of a certain size (usually 5 1/4" from tip to tip).

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            Thanks - might take a ride down there this weekeend!!

          2. Number 1 seafood in Hamden usually carries them.