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Sep 12, 2011 07:29 AM

Best Delivery In Cambridge

I'm going to Cambridge in a few weeks to visit my sister and her family. I know one night we will have to stay in so it will be me, my husband and 4 kids under 5. Basically I don't want to give up a meal, or have to cook so I'm looking for recommendations for awesome delivery food. We don't get great ethnic food where I live so that would be acceptable or pizza delivery that has some more creative choices. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks

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  1. Their are a number of "subcontractors" that deliver for most restaurants in town. has Zoe's which if you do a chow search you will find they are a beloved "authenticish" Chinese place. A quick scan shows many beloved local spots... pho and rice, Muquequa for Brazilian, and too many Indian, Thai and Korean to go through until you narrow down your request for ethnic food.

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      A secondary quick glance reveals a number of dogs as well on that site, so perhaps you can use this board to vet your plans.

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        Thanks so much for your help. I use to live in Boston and now remember the 'subcontractors' for delivery. We will be in the Harvard area, indian, Thai, Afghan all sound great. Thanks for the help.

        BTw Kilgore, love the name, Vonnegut is probably one of mt favorite authors.

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          "and so it goes"... Don't know how long since you lived here, but Harvard area opens Allston and Brighton delivery options as well, which has most diverse and highest quality of ethnic food choices. Check posts from Allstonian and Jenny Ondioline (sp? sorry) for Allston breakdowns.

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          Twice now I've ordered one of the "preserved pork" (or something similar) dishes from the Hunan subsection of Zoe's menu via foodler and they call me up and say they're out. Then they try to switch me to something extremely whitebread (and which is always cheaper, but I've prepaid so I get no discount), but since neither of us really understand each other that's what I end up with despite my protestations.

          I don't know if they're actually out, if they're just trying to steer a gringo away from it for some reason, or if they simply don't really have it and the menu wasn't updated, but it's annoying.

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            That's odd. In the 15-20 times I've ordered from Zoe's through Foodler I've never had anything like that happen. I usually order things like Chongqing Chicken, Szechuan-style dumplings, Dan Dan Noodles, Cumin Lamb, Ants on a Tree, or Lion's Head Meatball, so I'd guess that your situation is actually a result of them not having the dish, not doubt about your boldness. Even eating there I've never had a situation where the waiter questioned my order, either due to spiciness or because they thought I wouldn't like it.

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              Sorry, the gringo part was semi-joking - I just find it amusing that they always suggest a substitution like "general gau chicken".

              It's more that I don't know that I believe they *ever* have it and they just always give me the line that they happen to be out that night

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                That's like the dosa at Punjabi Dhaba, which I like but have probably only actually received 2 of the 10 times I've ordered it. They are always out of the batter or too busy to make it, it seems like.

        3. where in Cambridge?

          I am pretty sure that all of these places have take out; delivery, you will have to call. I have given you a variety of geographical locations; one of them may be near where you are staying.

          Chinese: Mulan and Thailand Cafe (sichuan only do not order Thai food; be warned) (near MIT)
          Indian: Tamarind Bay (Harvard Square)
          Afghan: Helmand (East Cambridge)
          Thai: Rod Dee (Porter Square)
          Pizza: Otto's (Harvard Square)
          Chinese: Qingdao (near Alewife)

          Tamarind Bay
          75 Winthrop St, Cambridge, MA 02138

          1. If you order through, Darbar in Allston will deliver to most places in Cambridge (They do to where I live in Kendall) and they have amazing Pakistani food.

            1. Had fantastic delivery from Yak n Yeti (Nepali in Somerville) last night. They package everything with care and all the food was piping hot when it arrived. I'll make a separate post since no one really talks much about the Yak here yet.

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              1. Don't know if your family likes sushi but Genki Ya in Cambridge has a great deal for delivery sushi. I usually pick it up unless it is horrible weather. If you order online and pay in cash you can get their 2 or 3 roll cash special (this is the deal). Comes with miso soup and salad (awesome house dressing). My fiance and I go here regularly and end up spending less than 20$ for a huge sushi meal. Delivery is popular and during rush hour in cambridge could definitely take around 1 hour to arrive. Genki vegetable roll, crazy roll, and spicy salmon/tuna are favorites.

                398 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446