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Sep 11, 2011 11:26 PM

sooo did anyone go to baja night 3.0?

how was it?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I went and I thought it was a great event. Mexicali and RIcky's were expectantly good, with a couple of "special" items for that night only. Ricky's served his lobster taco, while Mexicali had nachos and a stuffed pepper. Newcomer Churro Borough brought a rather well-executed churro ice cream sandwich too.

      1. i'm never free during the day, so i finally got to try ricky's fish tacos. very good. they were saying that the crowds for the event died down a little bit due to a power failure/outage. still, turnout was pretty big i thought.

        i was going to try the churro thing, but i saw that they were selling 5 "nuggets" for $3.50, and decided to just go to salinas and get 8 whole churros for $3.

        1. We showed up before 8 and they were right in the middle of the power outage. Lines were long and looking unorganized. People were just milling around, but at least everyone was in a good mood and there were no jerks making a scene. There were also random rumors of food running out. We were at the last one and lines were nowhere near as long and some of the food did run out by 9.

          Given the circumstances, we decided to bail. Kind of a bummer.