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Sep 11, 2011 07:51 PM

new hakka place

has anyone tried this place? it's in little india

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  1. I've been there four or five times. The chili chicken is outstanding (though my wife thinks my homemade version is better, heh). I had the "5 Spices" chicken once, but didn't find it memorable enough to order again. Also enjoyed the paneer poppers and the spring rolls. The Manchurian noodles are pretty tasty too. I wish I could comment on more mains, but the chili chicken is so good I invariably go for that.

    The service is attentive and prompt, the prices are very good, and the portion sizes are generous. In fact, unless you're very hungry or are sharing appetizers, a main on its own makes for a largish meal, at least for me.

    IIRC, they opened in 2007 (maybe '08), and I'm a little surprised the restaurant is still there, frankly. I live near Little India and I'm often on the strip to visit a good friend. 5 Spices never seems to be busy when I walk by, and certainly has never been busy when I've gone there for either lunch or dinner. Which reminds me I haven't been in a while myself.

    5 Spices
    1411 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L1Z5, CA

    1. It's not new, I saw it there at least 2 years ago but haven't tried it yet. There is a review by "in10sity" here

      1. for those who wanna try it, there's a teambuy coupon out there:

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          i got some takeout recently, using this coupon. the coupon was a ripoff because it turned out to be a large takeout container with 3 compartments, and each one was filled with a different item - the larger ones being the rice and noodles. the main was in the tiny compartment, and a small spring roll sat on top. it was sort of like what you might buy at a food court. i thought i'd get full sized dishes so i think the coupon was misleading.

          anyway, the food tasted very unexciting.. in fact, i didn't even finish it because i got sick of eating rice and noodles. the chili paneer was okay, but just tasted like food court food to me. maybe i am unfamiliar with hakka food (only 2nd time trying it) but it just tasted like that canadian/american chinese type food...