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Sep 11, 2011 07:11 PM

1st B-day cupcakes & frosting?

I am going to be making the cupcakes and frosting for my son's 1st b-day in Oct. I love baking and really want to make everything from scratch. Only problem is I have not found a good "moist" recipe for vanilla cupcakes. I had given up and tried to make a box cake today with yellow cake and added an extra egg and instead of oil used butter. Bleh I didn't care for the results and would really rather make it from scratch. I am open to a different cupcake flavor as well just no chocolate cupcakes (boyfriend does not eat chocolate)

I have made a vanilla buttercream that my boyfriend loved. I thought it was just ok. Thought it tasted a little "too" buttery but it was nice and creamy and piped very nicely. I would like something that is sweet and doesn't leave that buttery feeling on your lips.

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  1. Who is this cupcake for again? A one year-old?

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    1. re: DPGood

      i think DPG is right....the one year old isnt going to care.......

      we did a "smoosh" cake for our daughter at 1 ..she wore more of it than ate it...

      1. re: srsone

        Yeah, something that wears well and looks good on the floor and all over gramma's new blouse.

      2. re: DPGood

        The cupcakes are for the guests of the party. I will be making 4 dozen cupcakes.
        My son will have his own sugar free "smooth cake"

      3. Does it need to be vanilla? I just did this banana cake for my grandson's 1st. Everyone loved it. I didn't have any myself but the rich aroma of banana when it came from the oven was intoxicating.

        I chose banana since it's one of his favorites. And I used a chocolate buttercream instead of the cream cheese suggested by epicurous. The pix of him with chocolate spread from chin to forehead and ear to ear are priceless! ;>

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        1. re: rainey

          No it doesn't have to be vanilla - I just figured you can't go wrong with vanilla with the guests. Not everyone likes chocolate (esp. my boyfriend) and i have a few guests that are allergic to strawberry - I found a recipe for a chocolate chip cupcake that I was thinking of trying. But basically I would like a "moist" cupcake with a nice sweet (not too sweet) icing.

          1. re: chelle1019

            Well, it was *absolutely* moist. ...even when I baked the layers a week ahead and froze them to await final prep of the filling and frosting and then assembly.

            1. re: rainey

              Thank you Rainy.. i do love banana bread and I'm sure it would be a change rather then vanilla cupcakes.

        2. My friend and I made these for her daughter's 1st b-day 2 years ago. They were tasty.

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          1. re: Jen76

            Thank you - I will check them out. Did you use her buttercream recipe as well?

            1. re: chelle1019

              To be honest, I cannot remember the frosting at all. If it wasn't that recipe, then it was a basic cream cheese frosting. I usually do something like this:

              1. re: Jen76

                I was thinking of doing a cream cheese frosting instead of buttercream. Just wansn't sure how it would taste on vanilla cupcakes. And if it will hold up for piping and placing a cookie or a piece of white chocolate on top. Like one of the pictures below. I made a cupcake tower and i would like to place cupcakes on each level - spelling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABRIEL.

                1. re: chelle1019

                  Chelle, unless someone else knows otherwise I don't think you can keep cream cheese frosting out very long and you would need space in your fridge; not too convenient for cupcakes. Are the photos you posted with cream cheese frosting? I don't think it would hold up as well at room temperature as a buttercream or the boiled frosting posted below.

                  1. re: chelle1019

                    If you want something along the lines of cream cheese but not as much tang, you could do a mascarpone frosting instead.

            2. Paula Deen has a great red velvet cake recipe!
              My mom just recently made a coconut cream cake by Emeril.
              We omitted the ground pecans and you can barely taste the coconut. I thought the cake was a white cake at first.
              This is a vanilla cupcake I made today, but I used caramel frosting instead. It's nice and moist.
              Good Luck :)

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              1. re: Laurenjo28

                Personally, I would *never* give a kid all the artificial food dye of a Red Velvet Cake but then I wouldn't eat anything that lurid myself.

                Caramel frosting sounds delicious! Do you have a link for that?

                1. re: rainey

                  To each his own! :)

                  Paula Deen recipe again haha. I know how some Chowhounds feel about her :P
                  Anyway, the frosting is good, but not great. I think that was due to the fact that I only had light brown sugar instead of dark. It has potential.

                  1. re: Laurenjo28

                    "To each his own! :)

                    Truer words were never spoken! ;> I'm glad I didn't offend. I just don't get how that could be appetizing or acceptable even if I'm the only person on the planet that isn't currently in love with it.

                    Thanks for the other link. ;>

                    1. re: rainey

                      Well, the "old school" way to make red velvet is to use beet juice. ;) But, red velvet cake is essentially red-colored chocolate cake, which you said you didn't want anyhow.

              2. The vanilla bean cupcakes with salted caramel frosting on Chow recipes are wonderful, and the cake not dry at all. Give these a try:


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                1. re: janniecooks

                  Putting that salted caramel icing in my DB right now! I think I'll sub some of the caramel Godiva liqueur for the vanilla. I like the punch and complexity that liqueurs add.

                  Sounds easy and good and I think it would be perfect with the banana cake above next time I make it.

                  Thanks for the link.