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Sep 11, 2011 06:59 PM

Going to Israel for 15 days

We will be traveling all over Israel for about 15 days ....breakfasts and lunches are accounted for but please give me some good dinner ideas through out Israel!

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  1. Your request is a bit broad, which is probably why you're not getting any response (and this is a slow board). If you narrow down your request by city or area and the kind of food you want, you'll probably get more responses.

    In Tel Aviv, I would definitely recommend the Tel Aviv Port and the Jaffa marina as areas to visit and eat at. The Tel Aviv port has a covered market with a good restaurant and a number of eateries inside. There's a place that sells excellent pastrami sandwiches (which didn't exist in Israel until recently) and one that sells herring sandwiches on a crusty baquette - quite delicious. You can buy a glass of wine at the wine shop next door and drink it with your meal (you need to give an ID so they get their glass back). A fun and lively experience.

    In Jaffa marina, on the north end, there's a new place called Novo Latino that's supposed to be great. I haven't eaten there yet. Next to it is a kiosk called Casita that sells drinks and light meals which you can enjoy sitting outside on the jetty with probably the most beautiful sea view in Israel.

    1. In TelAviv along the Promenade before you get to Jaffa are two good restaurants Manta Ray and Pini BeChazer. In Haifa we had a great time at Jacco. Do more searching on Chowhound - there are a lot of suggestions.

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        We went to an outstanding restaurant in Tel Aviv Mizlala. Read a small mention here and decided to try. Mizlala was wonderful. Everything we had was great we had the mussels, tartar and the chicken livers were divine.. Sit at the bar and maybe the bartender will buy you a shot just because he wants a shot.

        This was the best food in Tel Aviv

      2. Hi, first of all you are going to have an amazing time... Tel Aviv is a great city! Second of all I urge you to look at the website I'm actually one of the founders, but you will find on there some of the BEST restaurants in the city. We write about places that are famous but also places of the beaten path that you wouldn't know about unless you lived here. We tell the story, history and talk about the food... if you really want to experience the city and the culture I urge you to look at the site and try some of the places.

        Enjoy your trip!