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Sep 11, 2011 06:29 PM

Seoul Garden [Detroit Area]

15 and dequindre at the NE corner.

So a little confusion. Its now in the place of the "old Seoul Garden. (OSG)" I think there was some association with the New Seoul Garden over in southfield. To be honest, the OSG food was always ok. NSG was my go to place for korean food in SE-MI.

A Korean nurse told me there was new ownership at the OSG. so off I went.

I've been here twice now.

Ambiance: much better. clean, nice. Lots of tables with grills integrated into them. Over 90% of the customers there were Korean. Always a good sign.

Service: Meh. a little slow to be honest. Bring a book.

Food: Yummy!!!!!! I've eaten here twice now. First time I had the chap chae (stir-fry glass noodles) and woo-guh-ji Kalbi Tang (spicy beef soup with cabbage). Second time I had the Soondubu with pork. Everything I had was excellent. Well-balanced between being flavorful without being salty. Excellent cuts of meat in both soups. Both broths were outstanding. All the panchan (Korean side dishes) were of high quality. Bonus point is that they use the purple rice instead of white rice. Its richer, a touch sweet. Ive never seen it outside of K-town in LA before.

This my official #1 korean spot. I'm waiting with a group of people to go back and try me out some Korean BBQ.


Seoul Garden
2101 15 Mile Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48310

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  1. Thanks DB82. I've driven past a couple times and wondered, "Better than, worse than, or same as (with only remodeling added) OSG?" Now I have my answer. Will get over there within ten days, to enjoy for myself.

    1. I've been reading the board for about a year (I work too much so you guys are the only way find about about new food) and had to finally register to reply to this - we had dinner at new/old Seoul Garden last week and it was great. I'm not Asian or an authority on Asian food "authenticity" but we'd been getting disappointed in Shilla - the dol sot bi bim bap was coming to the table kind of hot and not blazing hot, etc.

      The dol sot and chap chae at Seoul Garden really were superior - very fresh, hot enough to crisp the rice in the stone bowl, and the panchan were great. I've never had a sweet (kabocha?) squash small dish at a Korean restaurant before but it is a favorite veggie of mine - theirs, along with the spinach, kim chi etc. were all very fresh and tasty. Very attentive, friendly service too. Our waitress told me what not to order - they have at least one menu item that she said wasn't working out, don't order it. THANK YOU for that honesty.

      They weren't that busy on a Friday night - I hope they get busier, this was very good food. I remember when this location, as old/old Seoul Garden, was either "the" or one of "the" first places to have sushi in the area in the 1980s. As I moved west I didn't go back much, but no longer work near New SG, and am on the rocks with Shilla, so I really hope they make it and keep quality up.

      1. Funny how this topic generated links to three restaurants and none of them are for the restaurant this topic is about! The correct one, in Sterling Heights, is shown below my post.

        Seoul Garden
        2101 15 Mile Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48310

        1. Have been wondering if this is connected to the Ann Arbor Seoul Garden, which is also very good. Many great Korean places in AA for those out this way—Arirang, Bewon, and Hana (Ypsilanti), to name three.

          Seoul Garden
          3125 Boardwalk St, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

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          1. re: Jim M

            The various (new/old/etc.) Seoul Gardens all were started by the current owner of Novi's Bi Bim Bap (Mr. Jai H. Park). But, once he got each going, he would sell them, and in the case of the OSG, above, it was sold a couple times.

            Seoul Garden
            2101 15 Mile Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48310