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Sep 11, 2011 04:14 PM

Yonge & Lawrence: Menchies going to open

Figures. Because Yogurty's on Ave wasn't enough.
Yonge @ Woburn Ave.
Looks huge to boot.

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  1. I know I will get blasted...but...Menchies IMO is many times better tasting than Yogurty's! Much richer flavours and better toppings. There is absolutely no comparison for me. Consider yourself lucky that you are getting a Menchies and please report back after a few visits to each....if it takes that long to decide on your preference.

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    1. re: justsayn

      Everyone will be able to compare Menchies and Yogurty's because I just saw a "coming soon" sign for Yogurty's as well at Yonge & Lawrence!! Almost right across the street from where Menchies is going to be.
      Weird that 2 yogurt places and 2 gelato places are opening up in the hood--but all after summer has ended (although it's gorgeous out today!).

    2. I guess Menchies is really expanding, because there's also a location opening in the Beach, next to the Mars diner (where Ginger used to be). As if there aren't enough frozen treat stores along there...

      1. I think Menchie's is perfect for Yonge and Lawrence. This area has been strong with businesses such as Spectacle, Kristopsons, Burger Cellar and Cravings to name a few. I think Menchie's will add to the growing spot with Riz North and, get this, I hear rumours THE BURGER'S PRIEST is opening a second location here!!! Burger Priest then Menchie's!!! could you envision a better night?

        1. They don't have any gelato up there do they? Why two frozen yogurt and no ice cream/gelato (except of course B & R)...

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          1. re: Ediblethoughts

            Two gelato places are supposed to be opening up too--there have been signs up all summer for them both, but I'm pretty sure neither have opened yet.

            1. re: illy

              sigh... I was so hopeful for a nice Italian pasticcino or fresh Italian's hoping.

              1. re: Idas

                Does anyone have an estimated date when it's supposed to open?

                1. re: Oscar22

                  I walked by last Wednesday and it's still quite empty inside. Same "opening soon" sign is still posted.

                2. re: Idas

                  Ventisette27 has opened and has lovely pastries and icecream. Albeit late.

                  The other shop a few doors north, still empty.