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Sep 11, 2011 03:34 PM

Looking for rum babas

Has anybody come across rum babas on a restaurant's menu, and better yet, tried them?

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  1. I know that Porto's makes them, but I've never tried them. I also don't know what makes a good rum baba, so I wouldn't know how to judge them. Locations in Burbank, Glendale, and Downey.

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      I just happen to have one from Porto's Burbank yesterday for the first time. I'm no rum baba expert, but it was sweet (although not too sweet), syrupy, and not very rum-y. It was ok.

    2. RH in the Andaz Hotel has them. I tried them last year during DineLA. It wasn't bad. I'm not really into sweets though haha.

      1. The Portos in Glendale has a rectangular rum baba with a thin layer of jam running through the middle. If you close your eyes, I swear it tastes like a Jelly Krimpet Tastykake.