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Sep 11, 2011 03:02 PM

(In My Best Jan Brady Whine) "Panko! Panko! Panko!"

I will admit that I have yet to try them myself, but why is everyone on TV acting like Panko is the end-all-be-all of breadcrumbs? It used to be French Bread breadcrumbs, then it was Italian seasoned breadcrumbs, and now it's Panko? Are they REALLY all that and a bag of Kettle Chips??

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  1. They sure have been trendy for the last 3-4 years, but deservedly so when it comes to a lot of foods. They give a great texture to a lot of dishes, especially anything fried.

    1. I adore them. They are very different from regular breadcrumbs-much lighter and airier, but also not seasoned. If you can get them easily, I really recommending trying them. They may not become your only breadcrumb, but they are very much worth keeping around. I use them for about 99% of all breading at thing point. I find their crust much tastier than crust from either bought or basic homemade crumbs.

      1. Agreed with twyst and ErnieD. I converted a few years ago and use them almost exclusively now. As noted, they are lighter than traditional breadcrumbs and, when used as a coating for fried foods, seem to retain less of the cooking oil. I just made meatballs with them today and the texture is perfect.

        EDIT: I did crack up at the "(In My Best Jan Brady Whine)"

        1. Panko was the first bread crumb I grew up with (I'm a 2nd/4th generation American of Japanese ancestry - another story), so my bread crumb experiences are in reverse and less than luke warm. Trying recipes with "other" bread crumbs that recipes called for seem to fall short for me, so I would typically revert to using panko if repeating the recipe.

          Are you doing your Jan Brady whine pre- or post-braces? Less em-PHA-sis on the "p" if post! ;)

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            I'm in the same boat. The first (really, the only) time I bought 'regular' bread crumbs, I opened the can and thought, "What the...?? This looks like *sand*!"

          2. i have used them for a while...when i first started watching ICJ i found them..but now they are easier to find...
            i think they are better texture-wise because of the way they are made...when i want the extra crispy crust on a baked mac&cheese i use them...

            but i still use other bread crumbs as well...they havent taken over my bread crumb cooking