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Sep 11, 2011 02:17 PM

Noodle substitute for preparing sukiyaki

I'm attempting sukiyaki at home as a trial run for a upcoming dinner party. I want to swap out the shiratake noodles. Since they're made of konnyaku (a type of potato) would Korean sweet potato noodles work? I'm ruling out rice noodles for obvious reasons, udon (too starchy), and harusame aka sai fun (unruly looking for a composed dish). I've got my sauce to a nice balance of savory & sweet using sake, soy sauce, mirin, ryorishu, and a touch of sugar. The remaining ingredients are napa cabbage, enoki & shitake mushrooms, and broiled tofu. Your suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. I think you could try either the Korean sweet potato noodles or the Chinese mung bean noodles. Both are translucent "glass" noodles, and I'm pretty sure that I've had those when I've ordered sukiyaki. It might depend on what kind of texture you want. The mung bean noodles can get soft if overcooked. The sweet potato noodles will stay pretty firm (think jap chae).

    1. Normally, after you've finished sukiyaki, if still hungry you'd put in some udon noodles, so I'd use them, but if they are too starchy for your liking, then if you want to stick with Japanese you could use Maroni noodles. I'm sure the Korean sweet potato noodles would also work fine though. You could also try somen noodles I guess.

      1. The Korean sweet potato noodles worked out real well. I soaked them in hot tap water for 15 minutes then drained, and rinsed with cold water. The texture was still lighty chewy after cooking in the broth.