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Sep 11, 2011 02:17 PM

Best Ice Cream Sunday

My husband turns 60 this month, the ONLY thing he wants is a really wonderful ice cream sunday. We are in Falls Church. Your collective thoughts might make his 60th a little sweeter! Thanks.

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    1. re: Steve

      The ice cream Sunday (actually a banana split) at Central is excellent. I actually don't eat bananas (despise them!) but this is actually a good dessert for me and my boyfriend to share because the various ingredients are separated (kind of on a tv dinner tray). But the various components are all delicious. And it's HUGE---perfect for a big birthday celebration.

      1. re: Steve

        Third Central, it is an amazing banana split. The Dairy Godmother in Del Ray has some great sundaes too.

      2. Bistrot du Coin in Dupont Circle has the most amazing ice cream sundaes, esp the one made with coffee ice cream “Café Liegois”, but they also have one made with chocolate ice cream and fudge “Chocolat Liegois.” They also have a banana split on the menu but I have not had it. I do not exaggerate how great the sundaes are.....

        1. Also check out Serendipity in Georgetown. Not as creative, much more traditional, but a fun experience.

          1. You probably mean "sundae" unless you mean you want the best ice cream that you can get on Sunday (the day before Monday).

            The day of the ice cream parlor is long gone. We had Giffords and Wylie's when I was in high school where you could get excellent ice cream and sauces (Giffords) and outrageous concoctions like The Washington Monument (Wylie's) made from ordinary ice cream, Breyer's I think, but just fun to watch people try to eat.

            Today, you can get an expensive ice cream sundae at some of the top level restaurants but I just can't think of a place that has the atmosphere the he probably remembers from his teen years. Without that, an ice cream sundae is just ice cream and sauce. Spend the big bucks at Whole Foods for a pint of an interesting flavor of Sinplicity or Moorenko and a rich fudge, caramel, or fruit sauce. Get some real cream and whip it yourself. Go to Pier 1 or World Imports and buy a fancy sundae dish.

            Serve it to him with love. You can't buy that in a restaurant (either the sundae or the love)

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            1. re: MikeR

              The original Gifford's ice cream and sauce recipes are still available - at York Castle in Rockville.


              1. re: DanielK

                I'm aware of York Castle, but it's not "The Sundae Experience" of sitting at a table or at the soda fountain at a real ice cream parlor. Neither, I suspect, is Central, though on the opposite end of the scale.

                I have only had frozen custard at Dairy Godmother, and they do a good job of that. At least they have tables. I can't remember if they have dishes or paper cups.

                1. re: MikeR

                  It's not the classic parlor experience (which really doesn't exist any more), but there are several tables inside of York Castle, and in good weather, there are a fair number of picnic tables right outside the doors.

                2. re: DanielK

                  For the OP: The Swiss Sauce at York Castle is a unique and terrific milk chocolate sauce. A very special treat.

              2. It looks like some good choices have already been mentioned, but I'd like to add Kramerbooks. The food there varies in quality, but I've always loved the desserts! The Dysfunctional Family Sundae is my favorite, but they also have a banana split and a hot fudge sundae. It you want something other than ice cream, the Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake is wonderful.