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Sep 11, 2011 01:52 PM

Suggestions, please for restaurants fit for foodies mid-way between Tom's River and Philly?

Our friends live in Tom's River and we're in the northern tip of Philly. We've done Princeton with them several times, but that is a lot closer to us than to them and while we love Princeton, we want to be fair. Is this a foodie wasteland or are there treasures between TR and Philly worth exploring?

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  1. Not knowing exactly the type of food your foursome likes, here are a couple suggestions that we enjoy a lot and are a bit closer to your friends.

    Blue Bottle Cafe, Hopewell. One of our favorite places, do a search and you will find several threads, all very positive.

    Oliver a Bistro, Bordentown. Also a good place for dinner.

    Both Blue Bottle Cafe and Oliver a Bistro are BYO.

    1. Depending upon which bridge you cross, the High Street Grill in Mount Holly might be closer to half way than Princeton or Hopewell and they have excellent food. See .

      I'm sure there must be a couple of good places in Marlton or Medford but I'm not that familiar with either town.

      1. Well, thanks, both Toms. Looked at menus and the place in Hopewell has the most "fine dining" type menu, but like our Princeton haunts, it's way further from Tom's River than from Philly. The Mt Holly and Bordentown places have interesting menus and are more equitable to all of us, driving wise. It looks like Medford is the closest to the middle, but I see Braddock's Tavern doesn't get great reviews and the menu is dated. I'll search further to see if there are perhaps some Chowhounders who thought the place was better than Zagat's did.

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            Two places I would recommend which are closer to Philadelphia, but are worth going to:Blackbird Dining Establishment in Collingswood amd Fuji ii Haddonfield.

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              Been to Blackbird before they moved. Very good, but again, a lot closer to us than to our friends in TR. The wife of the other couple doesn't like sushi.

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                The problem you are going to have is that there isn't anything between between Philly and TR but a lot of trees (NJ Pine Barrens). Your best bet is to do something closer to Philly as the pickings in TR are rather slim (unless of course you are interested in Thai food for which I would highly recommend Siam Spice). As TomDel advised above, the closest you will get to a halfway point is Medford and I am not aware of any good restaurants in that town.

                Siam Spice
                1174 Fischer Blvd, Toms River, NJ 08753

                1. re: bgut1

                  How about the Lawrenceville Inn?

                  Lawrenceville Inn
                  2691 Main St, Lawrence Township, NJ 08648

          2. No gourmet fare, but acceptable pub food can be had at Mayo's Halfway House on rt 72 just south of 70. It's a friendly place frequented by pineys and passersby, and it's big plus is that it's... well...halfway.

            Mayo's Halfway House
            State Highway 72 N, Chatsworth, NJ 08019