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Sep 11, 2011 01:42 PM

Cari-Blue Cafe - Hartsdale

Anyone got info on this place? It's on the east side of Central Ave north of Hartsdale Ave. A few door north of Cafe Azzuri, same building as Bombay Super Bazaar.

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  1. Cari-Blue has opened - has anyone tried it?

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      I stopped in for lunch yesterday. Had a small portion of curried goat with rice and peas. Bought two patties for my friend. The goat was great. Just enough heat to warm my mouth and great flavor. Rice and peas just like Kingston. My friend took the patties to go and I have not heard from him. The owner, from Kingston, said she buys the patties but, not from Golden Krust. I will have to go back and try the soups, they looked very good. Please try this place, I'm don't think they will last at that location and it would be a loss to the food scene around here.

      Golden Krust
      8 Anderson St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

      1. re: silverstarfish

        Thanks for the reviews! I will definitely give it a try.

    2. Well, I have been back a couple of more times and I agree that the chicken soup is fantastic. I also had the manish water soup (goat soup) and it was not as good. Another time I was there for lunch and had the jerk chicken served by the owner's daughters. They were not really on the ball and the jerk chicken was the least impressive thing I have eaten there. Tried to get the patties but they forgot to heat them up for lunch. Not sure if they are still finding there way or if they have the standard Jamacian "irie" attitude about service. Still worth the trip, and I will be going back. I will get my patties eventually.

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          1. A definite keeper! I tried it for the first time and ordered a bunch of things (takeout) to taste their menu. My husband and I LOVED the crab cakes - different from typical crab cakes, but yummy. Served w just the right ammt of a sweet sauce (I hate when things are drowned in sauce). We also had the excellent chicken soup and the excellent chicken skewers which have chunks of fresh veggies. I can't wait to go back and try additiona items. PLEASE try this out. I agree with the post that said the location may do it in. That would be a shame.