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Sep 11, 2011 01:11 PM

Quick inexpensive breakfast near Intercontinental


Traveling to NO for the first time on Tuesday.

We are staying at the Intercontinental -- hubby will be attending a conference. We need a place to get a quick inexpensive breakfast each day before the conference starts. I know Luke is right across the street but it's not cheap and I also saw someone recommended the Store for brekkie but reviews are not good online.

I thought about Stanley but it's a 15 minute walk which wouldn't usually matter but he'll be pressed for time so we need something fast.



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  1. Haven't been to The Store for breakfast, but I've had lunch there quite a few times and it has never been less than terrific. Just looked at the breakfast menu and it just doesn't look very extensive.

    Ruby Slipper is also relatively close to you. Haven't been but it's been favorable compared to its sister restaurant in Mid City.

    There's also Mena's Palace on Chartres and Iberville.

    1. Red Gravy is outstanding.

      Red Gravy @ 125 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA 504 – 561 – 8844.

      1. The Commerce (corner of Camp and Gravier) is a two minute walk and has a great, no frills breakfast. Fantastic biscuits!

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          I second Red Gravy. On our last two-night trip to New Orleans (July), we had lunch and brunch there...fantastic!

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            red gravy vs commerce? which would you pick

          2. You'll pay as much for breakfast at Stanley as you would at Luke. Portions are large at both places, so consider sharing a breafast entree.