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Sep 11, 2011 12:03 PM

UK style "Mississippi Mud Pie" - recipe [from UK/Ireland Board]

I have a strange request. Does anyone recall the kind of Mississippi Mud Pie you could get in England years ago? It had a crunchy, biscuit-y base, with a thick layer of coffee mousse, covered in chocolate ganache/frosting and sometimes encrusted with chocolate chips/shavings.

I live in the U.S now, and frankly, cravings like these are what led me to begin to learn to cook and bake and for some odd reason this is now an itch I have to scratch!

The US versions range from having coffee ice-cream or this stuff called "pudding", which is sold ready- made in the supermarkets here and I don't care for it/them, to put it mildly.......

Perhaps someone has a recipe from an older book or relative who makes one, I'd settle for a DBC recipe too - I can get Bournville and other decent chocolate to bake with and I am little luck on the web.


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