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Sep 11, 2011 11:54 AM

how about some ideas for Marco Island

Just wondering if anything is new or outstanding. Generally speaking, one doesn't travel to Marco for high end restaurant dining, but there seems to be a dearth of acceptable places. No interest in old fashioned italian places. Zero interest in driving to Naples, we go there all the time.

Any thoughts. ISO, seafood, dives, sunset dinners. Also, are there any good markets there or should we just shop here in Fort Misery. We are just going for a brief R&R before the onslaught of tourist season in SW Florida. Thanks LMF

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  1. as far as eating on marco ..
    i like a few places....

    arturos..i dont know about them being old fashioned italian...but i love their stuffed porkchop...

    Konrads...(but in interest of disclosure..my wife and konrads wife are good friends)

    i have eaten at the Snook inn a few times..its right on the water..

    as far as shopping...i do make the occasional drive down to the winn dixie there..
    it has been redone/upgraded and is pretty nice...

    and i have been wanting to try the Island cafe...i have heard its pretty good..

    1. I would also try CJ's on the Bay. It is in Esplanade and has nice water views, a good bar and good food. The chef is classically trained and used to work at Marek's
      Speaking of which, Marek's in the old Collier house is a nice place. They have one side that is fine dining, the other is a bistro/bar casual spot. Full bar too.
      Also, try the Philly Grill. It is in a strip mall on North Collier, but really good, creative sandwiches, flatbreads and salads. The owners used to own Verdi's.
      The best seafood market in SW Florida is on Marco. Paradise Seafood on Bald Eagle drive in the same plaza as Porkys.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Marco Island is a great spot to realx. That being said...the food isn't the highlight of your visit there. Some places are a bit high priced. Here are some ideas:

        Neenie's for Breakfast. It's down by the Marriott.

        Vandy's Pizza is a 'sports bar' dive kind of place. The pizza is 'ok'..but they have the BEST Broasted Chicken. Broasted Chicken is very hard to find in Florida and they fit the bill.

        Pass on the Seafood/Comedy club that is in the strip mall accross from the Hilton. so-so food and HORRIBLE SERVICE. There is an Irish Pub in a free-standing building in that same mall that had a great Thanksgiving meal.

        Porkey's Last Stand was 'ok', but not worth a special trip.

        1. Just had some excellent stone crab at the Little Bar in Goodland. Smoked Amberjack spread appetizer was very good also. Great old Florida atmosphere. On the water and very laid back.

          1. Just left Marco Island....here are some amazing spots:

            Verdi's - An American Bistro (Dinnner: entire meal is outstanding...NYC quality)
            Lisa & Guy's Philly Grille (Lunch: salads are phenomenal...wanted to return)
            Cocomo's (Low Key Lunch: Tuna Tacos - have amazing quality and sauce)
            Red Rooster (Breakfast: affordable, great quality, easy going. Had their sig omelet)
            Season's 52 in Naples (Dinner: always good, healthful, tasty, affordable with great ambiance)