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Sep 11, 2011 11:48 AM

Riiter Sport Yogurt (not mini) in Toronto?

Does anyone know where I can find Ritter Sport Yogurt in Toronto? I've seen the mini variety pack and full-sized packs for other flavours but I've never been able to find the full-sized yogurt flavoured one.

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    1. re: knusprig

      which location are you talking about? i went to both today and neither of them had the yogurt flavour in stock

      1. re: ladymarshmallow


        Longo's - Bathurst & Carrville

        No Frills - Finch & Don Mills

    2. I bought some at Pusateri's (Bay St location), but haven't seen it there lately. Maybe at the bigger Pusateri's.

      1539 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA

      1. Reither's Fine Foods & Delicatessen! It's on Church Street, right in the middle of the gay neighborhood (between Wellesley and Maitland).

        1. All the metro's have them.
          Also, all the sobey's urban fresh and Bruno's.

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          1. re: meatnveg

            I'm addicted to the cornflake milk chocolate. I can send you all the yogurt from BC if you send me the cornflake and the marzipan! LOL