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For tonight -- newer, nice restaurant heavy on local ingredients and open Sundays?

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Hey chowhounds,

My parents are visiting town and want to take me out to eat tonight. I've been in grad school for the last few years... which is to say I haven't been trying some of the schmancier restaurants that have opened in the last three years or so.

Where should we eat? We're fans of places that use a lot of seasonal ingredients in dishes prepared well. I can't eat gluten, so no places that are so heavy on the bread, pasta, or dishes with soy sauce that I'm picking between just a few things. I also don't eat pork or shellfish.

Thank you!

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  1. I think Poppy would meet all your requirements.

    1. Over a number of years I have never been disappointed by Lark.

      1. Thanks, both of you. They changed our plans without telling me, but I'll hold both of these for the future. Much appreciated!