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Sep 11, 2011 09:57 AM

Help me cook rice noodles!

Hi Chowhounds!

So I've been trying to cook simple Asian foods and I'm really enjoying this project. BUT... I stink at cooking rice noodles. As you can imagine, its frustrating to get the sauce right and then kill the noodles. I've just been pouring hot water over the noodles and letting them soak as per the package directions, but they are always turning out quite gummy and stuck together, usually overcooked, but often cooked unevenly.

Help me!

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  1. It may be the soaking that makes them gummy. I cook them and then pour off the water. Cook them just long enough until they are flexible like spaghetti and remove them from the water, then add them to whatever sauce you've made, and just before serving. If you allowed spaghetti to soak in the cooking water, the pasta would also be gummy.

    1. you need a proper ratio of water to noodles. I use the thin 'WaiWai' brand. I take 2 'pieces' of the noodles out and put them a large stainless steel mixing bowl and fill w boiling hot water. mix to make sure the noodles are well submerged in the hot water. Usually after 3-4 minutes, it's done (test for the firmness you like). Strain it and let it get properly rinse (2-3 x?) in a big bowl of cold water (see that water is clear) and let it be properly drained.

      From there, you can do hot or cold dishes. For hot: soup dishes: I'd have everything prepared and gently dink the noodles back in the brooth bofore serving...but would not COOK the noodles otherwise it may get over cooked.

      Love the cool mixing style: have all the veggies/meat prepped, a sauce prepped. Than I mix sauce in noodles first to infuse sauce into all the noodles (sometimes I cut the noodles), than I mix in the rest of the ingredients. Microwave afterwards if you like. This is tasty and easy w/out loading it w fat thru pan frying.

      Ingredients: lots of saute onions, mushrooms, red or yellow bell peppers w garlic (best way to infuse flavors here in the sauteeing), steamed carrots or any match stick size veggies you like; if you want meat: can be chashu, panfried eggs, ham or shredded chicken (Costco is easy) etc. Top w lots of cilantro, green onion and sesame. USe high ratio of veggies to noodles...almost 50/50.

      Sauce: the kitchen sink- ususally oyster sauce, soy sauce, pepper, mirin or some kind of wine, sesame oil, add oil regular cooked oil (if oil is needed). This method allows you to taste the sauce to your liking before mixing. Sometimes I have even added toasted pine nuts ot dash good curry powder in the sauce.

      Have fun w it. And make it easy on yourself.