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Sep 11, 2011 07:08 AM

how to keep baby greens fresh

Does anyone have good luck keeping baby greens that come in plastic clamshell boxes fresh? Certain lettuce varieties (seems the red ones are most susceptible) in the mix get brown and slimy really fast and it ruins the whole box. Include a dry paper towel? A wet one? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Use them the day you buy them. Anything else just prolongs the degenerative process.

    1. Remove from clamshell and put it a glass jar. Pick out any questionable greens before adding to the jar. Keep a daily eye on them. ANything starting to look iffy, remove immediately.

      1. Put paper towels into the clamshell among the lettuce. Wipe off the top of all moisture. Every time you open it repeat. They will stay fresh much longer.

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          This is what the guy who sells greens at our local farmers market recommends - plastic bag in this case, with lots of air left in it, and layers of paper towels.

        2. I have great success storing greens in the Debbie Meyers "green" bags. Usually can find them in your produce section. I have reused each bag numerous times. After bag empty just rinse out and dry to use again. I have had other vegetables keep for weeks in these bags I wouldn't be without them.

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            These do work- more for some things than others.

          2. I have had great success storing greens right in my Oxo salad spinner. I try to use them immediately, but if they aren't the pre-washed ones, then I remove any that are bruised or starting to degrade, wash thoroughly then spin dry in the spinner. Dump out the collected water, but I don't dry the plastic bowl. I keep the greens in the plastic basket put the lid on, and they are still nice and crisp for at least a week.