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Sep 11, 2011 06:54 AM

Board Game Party - What to Serve?

So I play a lot of board games, and I'm tired of serving the same things all the time (deviled eggs, cut vegetables & dip, pita & hummus). I'm wondering if chowhound has some better ideas for finger foods that would go with some board games (i.e. no sauces that might drip onto the board, doesn't give you sticky fingers, etc)

Also, there's one board game I recently picked up that has a strong Lovecraftian horror type theme to it, set in 1920s North Eastern America, and I was wondering if there is any particular kind of food that would enhance the experience of the game. What kinds of Hors d'oeuvres would have been served at those fancy parties back in the roaring 20s?

Hmm... Does anyone have a recipe for squid balls?

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  1. Here is link for historical foods:

    Some other things to try:

    Salad scewers like mozz, tom, basil or feta, cucumber, olive, bell pepper
    Little mini tarts or quiches
    Steamed or fried dumplings

    1. How about some sort of wrap sandwiche? You can get a lot of taste and crunch into a nice neat package that doesn't drip or leave a mess. I make mine with spinach tortillas, sliced turkey, cheddar cheese, lettuce and finely chopped tomatoes with a ranch dressing. I'm still working on getting everything together in a tidy package but if they're made in advance and left to chill they seem to keep their shape better. Also a quick warm-up in the microwave before wrapping makes them less likely to tear.

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        this recipe is similar to any kind of fish ball one. however, they need to be fried and are only tasty for a few minutes out of the pan.

        i like the idea of mini sandwiches, on small finger loaves, or those party pumpernickel loaves. supposedly sandwiches were invented so said sir could not get his hands dirty, nor leave the table, whilst playing cards.

        any kind of small veggie can be stuffed, depending how much time you have ahead. stuffed cherry tomatoes, like with cous cous, or corn salad, or feta and mint, or tapenade and rice. ditto for small zucchini, endive leaves or baby eggplants. all this will work room temp, so no futzing with the oven.

        asparagus wrapped with prosciutto.

        frittata cut into small wedges. variety of fillings, practically endless.

        spinach pie.

        scotch eggs.

        fresh spring rolls.

        fruit skewers.


        chicken or beef satay, also fine at room temp.