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Sep 11, 2011 05:57 AM

Good quality food near Audubon/Oaks?

My partner and i come to Audubon, just north of King of Prussia, frequently to visit my mother, and we are desparate for decent restaurants. Not looking for chains or pretentious places, just really good quality food-all cuisines. Looking for suggestions with a 10-15 mile radius of Audubon/Oaks.

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    Here are two threads that discuss the dining options (or lack of options) in Oaks. The general consensus was either go towards Wayne, or go towards Phoenixville where there are plenty of options. Others will weigh in I am sure. I think one of the best places, about five miles up 422 is Han Dynasty in Royersford. I am going there on Tuesday night for one of their 20 course feasts. Beware the food is hot, (sichuan style) but some of the best chinese food in the greater Philadelphia area.

    1. Phoenixville is your best bet for sure. Anything else in that radius is either a pizza/cheesesteak/hoagie shop or a chain. Iron Hill Brewery, Molly Maguires, Thai L'Elephant, Black Lab Bistro, Daddy Mims are all good choices.

      1. I too visit my parent in Audubon and used to take him out to dinner every Saturday night. After constant tries, we always ended up either on the Main Line or Phoenixville. There really is nothing in the Audubon/Oaks area proper.

        1. My wife and I tried Spice Kitchen in Trooper, right next door last Friday, and found it very enjoyable.