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Sep 11, 2011 01:32 AM

Character Breakfast of the Worst Kind

As a local in a Hawaii, we looked forward to taking our child to the Character Breakfast Buffet as he is just about the age to start recognizing the Disney Characters.

Overall, the breakfast was a HUGE disappointment. While we did see the assigned characters (Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy) the food was extremely dismal and an insult to the $35 per person that I paid for the experience. While most would say that I am not paying for the breakfast but the character meet-n-greet, I expected the food to be of similar quality to other buffets in Hawaii of a similar price. What I got was akin to a Howard Johnson's Truck Stop type of breakfast. All the food was dried out, the bacon was gummy, the eggs were watery, and the carving station was amazingly anemic.

To add insult to injury, during the assigned photo-op with Mickey at the start of the breakfast, I was verbally "handled" with extreme condescension and disregard by one of the photo staff. Wanting a nice shot of the grounds I stood away from the crowd only to be strongly urged to stand in line like everyone else to and wait for Mickey. When I explained that I wanted a shot of the grounds, I was challenged as to where my camera actually was (insinuating that I was lying). I showed him my 5MP cell phone camera only to receive and "eye roll" as he walked away. Later when I asked him what I needed to do with my child to get the formal picture, he started his answer with "Well, if you had paid attention when I was talking to you earlier..." I'm actually quite sure that had I not been a local resident, the service by the photo staff would have been much different.

Overall, I am not expecting to come back to this resort until the quality of the food changes in the Character Breakfast. A rude staff member is an anomaly in the Disney empire, but a shockingly poor breakfast at $35 is inexcusable.

***I would have posted this directly to the Disney Aulani website but there is no option for feedback***

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  1. Maybe you could do it on Yelp or Tripadvisor???.

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    1. you may want to try makittis where smorgy used to be in waikiki.

      they're a makino chaya that is dedicated to all things hello kitti, which surprised me when i got there to have lunch with a friend.

      endless buffet of different cuisines from around the world. don't order the prime rib package which is just a steak.

      kama'aina discount makes it very reasonably priced.

      i just about died with the sushi bar and tempura.

      it reminded me of vegas buffets but much much better.

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      1. re: indelibledotink

        Thanks for the input, but since I did the breakfast for my son, a Hello Kitty buffet doesn't fit in the overall plan.

      2. Sushi -- if you go to:

        and scroll down to the bottom, you'll see "Contact us". Click on that and it will give you an e-mail form to contact Disney with your issues.

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        1. re: DuchessNukem

          I did try to contact them that way the same time I posted this review. All I got was a notification that their mailbox was full and have received the same message the last 3 times I've done this since.

        2. This is sad news, indeed.

          Have never had kids at any Disney site, so probably do not know the drill, but it would seem that a new facility should be accommodating. Unfortunately, it sounds like it is highly structured, and is done "by the numbers." That seems to be the way that it is, where Disney is concerned.

          As for the meal, I feel your pain. We have loved the Polynesian Cultural Center, and have done the VIP tour several times. However, the food has always been bleak, at the very best, and the last trip, we just ducked out, rather than experience "cafeteria food," after an otherwise wonderful day with the various "villages."

          Going back some years, we attended a "Disney event" with one of the principles in the organization, and Mickey & Minnie were there for photo ops. Though my wife was the "person of honor" at that event, when the Minnie character dropped something (handkerchief?), I picked it up, only to have the Mickey character read me the riot act. So much for "friendly" characters. Glad that I have not encountered the Disney group any more, than that. Once was more than enough for me.


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          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Disney does certainly try their best to give every customer the same experience by having a solid training environment. While things can get militant at times, it was odd to me that the food standard wasn't held up to the same standard. I've been to almost all the Disney properties worldwide and can attest that the food was certainly the worst at this location. It was an unfortunate experience.