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Sep 10, 2011 10:53 PM

Susur's SHANG goes bang!

I assume Susur Lee will be spending more time in Toronto now that SHANG has closed.

Here is an article discussing it's failure from over a year ago

What do you think, was this food too avante garde for New Yorker's or did he fail to "fish" them in?

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  1. I have his book, A Culinary Life, to give you when we meet up fD. I think that market is very saturated and really, money is no object when it comes to really good food and a great experience in my point of view. If the product is there, so is the money in my opinion. Susur is a very talented Chef, no doubt. Let's hope he has not lost his passion and rebounds from this as a lot of good chefs have done. A focused Susur in our market is a good thing. :)

    601 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

    1. Shang is kind of a failure, but it didn't close. I ate there in April. There was nothing avant garde about it.

      And as of this second, it's still taking reservations via Open Table.

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        Try making a reservation, you won't be able to actually get one.

        1. re: foodyDudey

          Ah, I see. It closed just a few weeks ago. I interpreted your OP to mean that Shang had closed a year ago. And contrary to this article:

          Gael Greene is not NY Mag's food critic. Adam Platt is. And he gave Shang two stars out of five. Frank Bruni at the NYT gave it one star out of four. The consensus over here was that the restaurant just wasn't very good.

          1. re: small h

            Wasn't Gael Green NY mag's critic for like ever?

            1. re: iMarilyn

              She was a critic from 1968-2000, and then a columnist 'til 2008, and then she got fired. I'm not a fan of her writing (too swoon-y), but I certainly respect her influence and staying power.

      2. Too bad, in theory.
        But, in practice, Shang was very poor.

        I was there a couple of months after it opened and was appalled by the service issues (the food wasn't too bad). I made the effort to send a critique to Susur with several suggestions for improvement (none of which criticized the food) and, in return, got a 'form letter' - "Thank you for your comments".
        Sort of sums up the service all-round.
        Worst offense was making a reservation then turning up and being told the restaurant wasn't open yet - then the host walked away and didn't return - EVER!