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Sep 10, 2011 09:35 PM

San Jose area food trucks?

I come down to San Jose from Seattle three times a year for work, usually staying in Sunnyvale and working in San Jose, Los Altos, San Carlos, Menlo Park, and sometimes Santa Cruz and Capitola too. I'm in my car for much of the day and don't have a lot of time between appointments for a sit down lunch but I LOVE food trucks. I've looked and can't find a list anywhere of the food trucks in the area and wondered if anyone had some they loved that they could tell me about. I love everything except sushi, and will go pretty much anywhere in the south bay area for some good eats! Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Try Edgewood Eats on Monday nights in Palo Alto. Several food trucks park in a lot at Edgewood Plaza Shopping Center in the evening. I know you're looking for lunch, but if you love food trucks, this might be something you'd enjoy. People bring folding chairs and an impromptu picnic scene takes place in the parking lot.

    More info:

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      Two pretty substantial threads can also be found here on CH covering Edgewood Eats. See here: and here:

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          Two of the food trucks that come around San Jose/Santa Clara often that I've been to are Lousiana Territory (cajun) and MoGo BBQ (asian "fusion" i.e. hotdogs with kimchee slaw, short rib burritos, etc)

          Louisiana Territory -

          MoGo -

          Louisiana Territory has another truck called No Way Jose but I haven't tried it yet. Both of these trucks take credit/debit cards.

          MoGo is cash only.

          Louisiana Territory
          Mountain View, Mountain View, CA

      1. A couple of San Jose area food truck meet ups to keep an eye out for are SJ Eats and Moveable Feast. They have dates this weekend.

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            the food trucks affiliated with MVBL Feast seems to have moved. the last few times i looked online, they were at 350 saratoga ave, not too far from garden city?

        1. The 2011 Art Party this Saturday night at the Warehouse in San Jose will have food trucks for the first time.

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            curious the event is on the 29th, as of the 27th, the website is unable to provide any names of participating food trucks.