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RIP: Thee's Bakery

I was at Farmer's Market today for the kid's weekly sticker fleecing and stopped by Thee's to stock up on buns. The place was drowning in hamburger buns and other special orders, which I mentioned. Turns out they were all special orders in anticipation of Thee's Closing. I didn't know. The space is being converted to Nancy Silverton's dominion. Of course, I bought all the buns they had but now I realize I forgot the hot dog buns.

RIP: perfect hamburger buns, so soft, so gentle, so rich and perfectly sized


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  1. Many changes occuring in that sector of the market. With 30-day leases, the owners are looking to energize that side of the market, and Nancy is but one of many changes to take place in the very near term.

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      Hum. Interesting. There are plenty of pointless businesses at the farmer's market but I don't know that they always make wise choices. Who needs another Pinkberry and Johnny Rockets? And why isn't there a single organic ANYTHING at the market?

      Silverton's bakery will probably be very good

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        Right? Both chinese food places are CRAP, as is the pizza place near bobs donuts. Thee's is actually a very good bakery and i've never had a dessert there that i didn't enjoy. Too bad it's leaving the market.

    2. oh no, i love that place. have been sad to not be able to get their amazing cinnamon rolls when they shut down their space in the center of the market. this is just a bummer.

      1. Are they going out of business for good, or planning to reopen somewhere else?

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          According to their facebook page, that's it. 31 years was enough!

        2. omg! that is tragic. Goodbye to the best Princes Cake ( in fact better than any cake) I have eaten in LA

          1. Thee's is gone. Went to the market yesterday :(

            1. New bakery in the farmers market with TERRIFIC pastries. Great COFFEE too! It's called Shortcake.

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                  Short Cake is of course the sister venture to the recently opened Short Order.


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                    Had very good actually perfect chocolate babka the day they opened. After stuffing our faces with it we still complained about the loss of Thee's buns. I have two left and I am eating them myself. I recently discovered they make a superior mortadella sandwich.

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                      With a 7-month-old, a two-year-old, and very little sleep, I managed to miss this entire thread! I made my obligatory stop at Thees last Friday after picking up my Honey Baked Ham. The parking lots were worse than usual, there were tour buses everywhere, and the Farmers Market was PACKED with Rose Bowl tourists,. When I found that Thees was GONE(!) I cursed out loud, and was thoroughly reprimanded by my two-year-old.

                      Where the heck will I buy my Parker House rolls and monkey bread now? I don't have time to prepare holiday meals AND bake bread. I mean, WTF!? When I was a kid, my mom bought the Parker House Rolls from Thees and the Monkey Bread from Jimmy's Bakery in Leimert Park (Jimmy passed away many years ago). I am so sick and tired of these cutsie, gimmicky, new outlets; and the crappy supermarket bakeries. The new outlets are okay, but they're not functional. To get a good cake or old-fashioned bakery items, all I have left is Viktor Benes; but I have to deal with mall parking to get inside (which I hate), and I don't think they sell monkey bread or Parker House Rolls!

                      Remember when there used to be loads of great little bakeries on Pico west of Robertson? The neighborhood, which I grew up in, seems to have changed from German and Polish Ashkenazi to Russian Jewry who seem to keep Kosher (hence all of the new Kosher restaurants). I tried Delice Kosher Bakery, but was thoroughly disappointed. It's just not the same as those yummy Jewish bakeries that were there when I was little.

                      Thees was cool because it was close to my house, relatively accessible, and they had really good, old fashioned bakery items at reasonable prices. I wish to God Porto's would open a location in Los Angeles. I am so sick of driving to the ends of the earth to get to them. They even opened one in DOWNEY, but not L.A. -- REALLY? This SUCKS!

                      The only thing that saved me from totally losing it was the fact that I had to make my New Years Gumbo, which we ate with French bread. Speaking of which, the Normandie Bakery in the Farmers Market sucks compared to the outlet on Jefferson. Her pastries just aren't so hot at either location, and everything seems over-priced to me.

                      Okay, I'm finished complaining now. Thanks for your patience!

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                        i know how you feel. Thee's ruled. thanks for the tip on normandie bakery. walked by a zillion times but never felt compelled to try anything.

                        1. re: Clyde

                          Hi Clyde:

                          Well, to be fair, her baguettes are more than just fine, as are her cinnamon rolls and any other basic fare. However, her tarts and other pastry are sorely lacking (especially when compared with other French bakeries). Her tart dough seems very hard to me, and is not buttery at all. The location on Jefferson has a really good sausage sandwich (the owner is known for her charcuterie, and her pate is highly regarded). I do prefer Maison du Pain on Pico. Their prices are also very high, but justified in my opinion.

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                            P.S. I checked Viktor Benes's web site, and Monkey Bread is listed. I phoned the Century City location, since it's closest to my residence and just two blocks from my office. They informed me that they do sell Monkey Bread, but you have to order it 24 housr in advance. the girl I spoke with on the phone didn't even know what a Parker House roll is (go figure). At least I know I can order some Monkey Bread for Easter, if we decide to stay home for dinner!

                    2. I had an addiction to Thee's' apple dumplings for a while. Their stuff was excellent. I didn't find them to have the most friendly service though.

                      I'm sure the new bakery is great. I just hope the Farmers Market doesn't go all trendy on us.