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Sep 10, 2011 07:00 PM

Paris next weekend - husband with allergies

We arrive in Paris next Friday morning for 2 nights. We are on our way to a 5 day bike trip in Burgandy. My husband is allergic to fish, so I'm looking for restaurants that give him more than a couple of options each night. A more casual restaurant on Friday night (less expensive as jet lag will be a consideration) and more celebratory on Saturday night would fit the bill. We're staying in the 2nd, but are ok travelling a bit on Saturday night. Based on my research so far, Chez l'Amie Jean, La Regalade Saint Honore, Saturne and Beurre Noisette look interesting. I know I'm pushing it time wise for reservations! Hope you can help!

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  1. if fish is his only issue, you should have no problems at all -- Paris loves its meat, and fish is the exception rather than rule (except at fish restaurants, of course)

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      "Chez l'Amie Jean, La Regalade Saint Honore, Saturne and Beurre Noisette look interesting"

      I don't know Beurre Noisette and can't advise.
      Saturne is very good, but like many bistros, has a very short menu, offering only in-season ingredients. As Sunshine explained, it will always have meat courses.
      La Chez L'Ami (no "e" in the end, otherwise Jean becomes girlfriend) Jean (excellent) and La Régalade, likewise no problem.

      "I know I'm pushing it time wise for reservations! Hope you can help!

      Especially considering they are closed for the weekend or for Sunday.
      Chez L'Ami Jean is closed Sunday.
      Saturne and La Régalade SH are closed Saturday and Sunday.
      If you must chose either Saturne or La Régalade for Friday, my vote goes to Saturne. Much better food than LRSH.

      1. re: Parigi

        Thanks for your replies. We now have a reservation at Saturne for Friday night, and they are aware of the seafood allergy. We will try for Chez l'Ami Jean for Saturday night. Any other suggestions for Saturday night if that doesn't work out? I'm happy to go up to $250/ - $300 person that night for a terrific food, service, atmosphere experience.

        1. re: novascotiafood

          "'I'm happy to go up to $250/ - $300 person that night for a terrific food, service, atmosphere experience."

          Nearly all the starred restaurants and better restaurants are closed on the weekends. You would have to offer a lot more than that to convince them to stay open. :-)

          Saturday night at Chez L'Ami Jean is very popular and crowded, not to say hectic. One usually has to reserve about 10 days to 2 weeks in advance. Call asap.

          On the restaurant guide in the excellent website "Paris By Mouth", you can search a list of restaurants open Sundays.

          The list is short.
          Another good place opened for lunch during weekend is Café des Musées, with very nice bistro food, nothing superlative (but you seem to want superlative).
          To help you see the picture, I will compare it with La Régalade, where you have not been but on which you have obviously done research.
          Food-wise I much prefer CdM to La Régalade SH.
          Setting-wise, CdM is lovely, much warmer than LRSH.
          We have always had a good experience at Café des Musées and agree with Alex Lobrano who described it this way: “come once, and you’ll end up wishing this place was just around the corner from your own door.” However, I also can see how Meg Zimbeck's experience could be so different in this very fair, very even-toned review:

          1. re: Parigi

            Thanks for the extra suggestions and reviews. We'll try to check out CdM as well!

            1. re: novascotiafood

              OK, Chez l'Ami Jean is booked for Saturday night. Thanks for the help!

              1. re: novascotiafood

                Have you decided where to go on Friday yet? Near 2nd arr, I had a very decent meal at Bistro Volnay, which does a more modern, prettily plated take on French cooking.
                Or if you are looking for more casual, I do like Aux Tonneaux des Halles on Rue Montorgeuil for unfussy, traditional dishes. And Chez Denise is of course meat heaven too.


            2. re: Parigi

              Parigi, do you think we need a reservation at cafe Des Musees for Wednesday night in October?

              1. re: macdog

                Yes. Why take the risk of being turned away at the door?

              2. re: Parigi

                It is probably too late for the OP but is CLJ really a good recommendation for a person who is happy to spend up to $600 for "celebratory" dinner and wants "terrific food, service' atmosphere experience". Whilst CLJ is good it doesn't really match that spec, better with the old standard Le Cinq.

                And it is far from true that "nearly all starred restaurants are closed on weekends" I would say the opposite most one and two stars are open on Saturday and even few three stars are open on Sat and Sunday - yes quite a few do close but there are still options especially at that price point.

        2. I'm leaving Thursday for 2 days in Paris then a 4 day bike trip to Provence!!! So exciting, isn't it?

          Anyway, you're not going to have any problems with fish allergies. I'm am not a fan of fish and have never had a problem there. My favorite 3 starred is Guy Savoy.

          Have fun on your trip!