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Where to find German Radler in Ottawa/Toronto?

I've checked the beer store, checked LCBO and I can't find Radler anywhere?

Not even Becks Lemon flavour.

FYI: Radler is German half beer, half lemonade and is delicious!

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  1. I don't think it is available as a bottled product in Ontario. The closest thing I've seen is the Schofferhofer grapefruit/beer mix which is at the LCBO from time to time. Why not make your own - i.e. buy some German beer and some lemonade and mix? This is called panache in some places like Switzerland and also parts of southern Germany.

    1. Having just returned from Munich I was thinking the same thing. The LCBO used to carry Hacker Pschorr Edel Hell which would have been perfect for blending. Now they're listing a beer I haven't tried, Spaten Original Munich Beer, which might do the trick.

      1. i've searched a well and there isn't any.
        I've got 1 can of Gosser Radler my daughter brought back from Austria for my sitting in my fridge and she loves the stuff and would love to have it here too.

        Waterloo has a radler called Radler Mass available at most LCBOs, but its not very good once you've had the real deal.

        Also Bohmer Cafe on Queen offers their own Radler in house.

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          Do they have Becks Lemon sold anywhere? They have Becks but no lemon

        2. Don't know where to buy it to take home, but Biermarkt has Austrian Stiegel Radler on their beer list. Had it a few weeks ago for the first time and love it!

          1. After visiting Germany a few weeks ago, I really wanted to find a radler here as well. Waterloo Brewery makes one, but, honestly, I wasn't all that happy with it. However, I've gotten much better results by just buying German (or German style) beer, and mixing them half and half with the glass bottled Italian lemonade you often find in the soft drinks section in grocery stores.

            1. http://www.chow.com/recipes/10715-pan...

              I think the French version as discussed here is basically the same thing.

              1. Is it mixed with sprite/fanta? Or just lemonade?

                1. While it's hard to find already bottled, I know that "The Bohemian Gastropub" (I refuse to include the extraneous umlaut) has them on their drink menu.

                  The Bohemian Gastropub
                  571 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2B6, CA

                  1. I know this is an old post, but I have an update. Apparently Stiegl will only supply it to The Beer Store in Ontario, in KEGS (Stiegl's choice, not The Beer Store's). The Beer Store suggested that customers write to Stiegl asking that it be available in bottles. Apparently it IS available for sale to consumer in bottles in Alberta, but not Ontario. See the comments in this post:


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                          Good to know, Sueb24! Wish more places in TO had it on tap (I'm a fan of Stiegl Radler).

                      1. Stiegl Grapefruit Radler is on tap at Castro's in the Beach.

                        1. Stiegl's supposed to be in lcbo this month. Anyone see any yet?

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                              I've also seen Stiegl's Radler in LCBOs. Note that it is a grapefruit version, but I suppose if you want the lemon kind you could buy the straight up Stiegl Pilsner and mix it with sparkling lemonade.

                          1. I prefer the coke and beer. Mmmm.... good at the Biermarkt!

                            1. selected LCBOs are selling the Stiegl Grapefruit radler in 500 ml cans.

                              Picked up 2 cases at Summerhill last night but I think they are going fast.

                              The cashier told me they have been getting lots of calls . Not sure if they are getting more in.

                              Atrium on Bay LCBO has 20 + cases according to inventory but as usual YMMV.

                              Get it while you can

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                                Looks like Queens Quay got in a big delivery. Inventory shows 1900 cans on hand.

                                Grapefruit lovers in the GTA rejoice.

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                                  I was at my local Oakville one that had listed it was in stock, but what i purchase is a red white stripe tallboy with Stiegel on it? is this a different brand of the Stiegel product?

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                                    Yes, it's in a beige-ish can and clearly calls out Grapefruit Radler. I picked some up on the Queensway a few days ago.

                                    Thanks all for the thread, it's a delicious find!

                              2. Not to be one of *those* posters, but.... it really is just beer (lager, mostly) with sprite. Can't you just make your own?

                                Cheaper and takes 2 seconds to put together. Really.

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                                  i... don't see how it's "cheaper" to make your own when it necessitates buying 2 products instead of one but ok

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                                    OK, so I don't know if it's cheaper per se -- but it's so damn easy to make yourself when it's *not available* to buy in a store. Plus you have control over the amount of lemonade.


                                2. Hair of the Dog also has it on Tap.

                                  Corner of Church and Wood . Kitty corner to old Maple Leaf gardens.

                                  Last LCBO check shows it currently pretty much OOS in all the GTA. Not sure of the restocking schedule.

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                                    I heard August 23rd for re-stocking. Someone seriously cleaned them out about two weeks or so ago. The one near me was showing almost 400 in inventory and had none!

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                                      Glad I tucked away a couple of extra cases a few weeks back.

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                                        yeah i asked a guy at the dundas/dovercourt lcbo and he said it wouldn't be back until early september, there's apparently an order placed for 100,000 cans. just in time for summer

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                                          I'm very curious who cleaned them all out at once of hundreds of units. I heard a few years back from one of the employees that when they had sparkling vodka as a special, it was actually one of the big casinos who bought every case over the shelf. Maybe a similar thing here?

                                          Either that or someone is having one enormous party!

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                                            I think its just popular. I have served it to a bunch of friends this summer and they have all gone out and bought some.

                                            Multiple by a few hundred people and the supple gets bought out pretty quick.

                                    2. Lots of availibilty but its a looooooong commute.

                                      Plus an extra $0.39 cents a can